being single is disability

A new discussion has been raised among the individuals globally by one of the proposal made by World Health Organization (WHO). As per the proposal, being single or being infertile can be considered as a disability.

This is something that should be focused with keen thinking. There are many opinions and sentiments based on the countries, cultures and situations. This is not as easy to just consider and certify a particular person disabled.

There are various criticisms and opinions as usual on this issue. If a person is termed as disabled or infertile then what about the sexual relationship that exists between a man and a women and what are the grounds that make an individual either a man or a woman to be considered so.

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Such things are minute and have a large impact on the civil society in any part of the world. Gays and Lesbians culture is also to be taken into considerations as they cannot reproduce despite having a sexual relation.

An unmarried single due to several reasons will also to be considered as infertile and hence disabled. An unwanted child by sexually related couple may not fall under this category for a certain period of time only. But how can one judge whether they are wanting the child or not. Such factors can create sometimes disastrous situations in the society.

As per the doctor of the WHO, Dr. David Adamson expressed his opinion that such disability of infertility will make the couple to go for child adoptions and sometimes for the scientific pregnancy methods easily with a new law. The law will be proposed keeping view all these factors says the officials.

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But how far it will be helpful is a mark of question. With such laws, Gays and lesbians also can go for child adoptions. Some fear that, the true relations between a man and women will get demoralize. The sexual relationships will have no values. Therefore it is matter of broader discussion and thinking before making such laws by WHO. Just one can’t blindly say being single or Inability to find a sexual partner is a disability.


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