Super Secure version of the Android is now arrived with Tor Phone. Android is the most popular mobile platform in the world, and it holds its identity. Google developed this Mobile OS and named it as Android. This Operating System (OS) is the open source platform, and it can be utilised by anyone for development purpose. However, Google mentions that Apple’s smartphone and iPads operated by iOS is the most secure than Android.

One of the developers of Tor, Mike Perry has designed this prototype for Android System. The new phone has designed by Mike and it is based on the Copperhead OS. According to his blog post, he explains “This prototype is meant to show a possible direction for Tor on mobile. While I use it myself for my personal communications, it has some rough edges, and installation and update will require familiarity with Linux.”

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This Tor project is developed to build the phone with respect to the user choice and freedom, reduces the vulnerability surface. It also helps in meeting the needs of the high-security users. The team of Tor mentioned that they are at the initial stage of this prototype and they rely on the suggestions and the support from the community.

This Tor phone uses orWall, one of the firewalls for Android which will direct all the traffic over Tor network and blocks the other connections. It is similar to the Tails Linux Live CD for desktop OS.

orWall will help you in taking the complete control over your smartphone. The user can choose which application needs to have traffic encrypted by the Tor.

Mike has detailed the installation process of this prototype on the blog post of Tor Project website. Currently, only the hardware of Google Nexus and Pixel lines will be support this prototype. Before you are getting started, make sure that you are familiar with Linux.

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Tor Prototype has many unfinished elements, and in future, this project will be added with more device support, Micro OTG support, Orbot stability, Netfilter API, etc.