NASA and UAE Partnered to work on the Mars Probe

US Space Agency NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is going to work with the UAE (United Arab Emirates) Space Agency regarding the communications capability on the UAE’s Mars spacecraft. This spacecraft will reach the Red Planet in 2021. This announcement was done officially on Sunday.

Dr Gale Allen, Deputy Chief Scientist of NASA, has said in the recent interview that the development is the part of an “umbrella agreement” for the collaboration between the two agencies.

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She also said “We want to work very closely with the UAE on any other missions going forward,” for the UN-UAE High-Level Forum on “Space as a Driver for Socio-Economic Sustainable Development.”

Mars Probe

Mars Probe is the one of the very interesting things for us, and it is the opportunity to put the communications capability on the probe. The important thing they are looking forward is to send the humans to Mars in the year 2030, Says Gale.

“We are looking at, possibly at some point, putting better communications up there. If we could partner and leverage the UAE Mars probe, it is certainly going to be beneficial for us,” she added.

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During this agreement, she pointed out that it was an “umbrella agreement” and NASA wants to collaborate in future space exploration missions. Mars Probe is the initial step in the collaborations, but we are certainly looking at this as the long term partnership.

The Spacecraft hope will travel more than 60 million km in its nine months of the journey and be coinciding the UAE’s 50th anniversary in 2021.

The entire mission will be supervised by the UAE space agency, and it is developed by the MBRSC (Mohammad Bin Rashid Space Centre) along with the support from the international partners.


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