Google is testing some of their new features in the search app on the Android devices. Some of the users have noticed few changes in the hamburger menu like recent tab, lite search and ability to enable the offline search. Google will test these features for the little amount of users, and finally they end up with running the tests with the features throughout their different applications.

There is no update regarding the release of these features, as these are just under the testing phrase. The users have to wait for the implementing the updates for the Google app.

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Another update, Offline searches is the features which are not seen for the first time. Some of the users have access to it a few months ago, but as of now Google has increased the access to this functionality for few more people. The offline searches in the Google will not be turned on automatically; the user has to enable them from the settings menu. As part of the offline search feature, you can find the “Manage pending searches” option, and this will let the users see any searches which they have performed but not been accomplished by the app.

This Offline Search feature is something already been in the testing phase and the new feature “recent tab” is entirely new. As the name suggests, when you tap on it, a new page appears, and you can find the most recent searches.

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You can easily see these features and distinguish them which are presented in the large cards in the side-scrolling list view. You can find the label for what the search query and the below the cards you can notice the search was completed including the indicator which will let you know a number of pages in that respective search.

The Lite mode also appears on the hamburger menu, and this feature will allow the pages to load while using the less data and they will load only the important content by simplifying to show the user. Overall Google is looking to come up with these new features to the Google App to make more useful even when you don’t have the internet availability.