IMDB (Internet Movie Database) is one of the most popular entertainment database websites. This provides the information for movies, television, and video games. The founder and CEO of IMDB, Col Needham on Thursday announced the launch of the, which is the dedicated Indian webpage for giving the updates and entertainment to the fans in the country. The new webpage is titled as India spotlight

According to the Col Needham, “We are excited to bring to you an IMDb experience that caters to the interests of the millions of movie and TV fans in India. Apart from to being your authoritative destination for information on international movies and TV shows, you can also depend on IMDb as the entertainment destination that will keep you updated on the Indian movies and celebrities.”

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Apart from the Indian Movies and the TV shows on the Indian Webpage, you can also visit for the viewing “What’s Trending in India.” You can also browse this trending section from the application as well. This trending section will keep the viewers up to date on everything that is trending in India.

Col Needham added that he is proud and humble for seeing the millions of people across the world using the IMDB each day. IMDB was born out of his personal film dairy and lifelong obsession with the cinema. At the Age of 13, Needham created the simple database of every record on his computer. On this occasion, he also added, that he has 234 Indian movies on his watchlist.

The Newly updated IMDb’s database of Indian films consists of movies in indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Bengali. In additional to these another feature called the popular “Quizzes” was introduced. With this new option everyone can test their knowledge on movies, TV shows and actors of both national and international

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Currently, the trending section shows the popular on the Amazon Prime Video. The movies and shows on the Amazon Prime Video are listed with the IMBD ratings. The launch of the IMDB’s India site is arrived just a day after the Amazon Prime Video launched in the country.


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