Torrent website Kickass Torrents got its life back by its original staffers. We all know that this site is seized due to the arrest of alleged boss Artem Vaulin, now after many months this site is coming back to new life.

The latest version of kickass torrents is fully operational which looks identical to its predecessor. The starts with a clean user database, but many members of the original staff are on the board. Authorities also informed that new site is starting with a fresh and secure database. But the appearance and operations of the platform remain same.

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Kat Cr team said that the majority of original staff members, admins, and moderation team joined us after the went down. This shows the loyalty and real love for KickAss Torrents that we all share,

They also said they removed the complete trash from the website, and now the Kat Cr users feel like home in the website. The team members are very confident about the security of the site.

KickassTorrents is Back, in the form of Clone Sites 

Kickass torrents are a community-based forum and torrent search engine. They said torrents are not illegal and they strongly told they didn’t host such type of links on their website.

The team members also stated that “We firmly believe the investigation done by Homeland Security and the IRS is unlawful in basis, pointing a foreign citizen and prosecuting them under US law. We have confidence in the outcome of the pending legal action.”

From past many months, many KAT copies, clones and mirrors emerged claiming to be the real reincarnation. The original site is gone, but old staff members remained with them and gave life to the website.