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G.U.M Play 3 apps in one device: “Mouth Monster”, Mouth Band”, Mouth News”

Now, brushing teeth is fun with GUM PLAY. Japanese Sun star company brought in the concept of brushing up with “G.U.M PLAY.” Tooth brushing, the everyday habitual since our first teeth came in, develops now. G.U.M PLAY determined your brushing data and examines it with the brushing data of dental hygienist to make sure you are brushing efficiently. The typical three minutes of brushing will turn into a breath-taking of three minutes to discover. Sun Star endowments the new start of a new – brand tooth brushing experience at ¥5000 (w/o tax).

G.U.M play mouth logs

G.U.M Play is difficult to use isn’t it?

G.U.M Play is not difficult to use. To use G.U.M Play, directly join the device to your toothbrush, install the app on your smartphone, and brush your teeth as commonly. One joint family may share one instrument. When not in use, the tool also acts like a toothbrush stand. It contains a timing sensor and LED flashes at the time of connecting to the app. The transmission connects to the app via Bluetooth.

Here G.U.M PLAY recommends three apps: “Mouth Monster,” Mouth Band,” Mouth News.” Select an app to match your mood and needs of the day. To overthrow oral bacteria use Mouth Monster, to create Music use Mouth Band, to hear the news as you brush Mouth News in which all the three logs reaches to Mouth Check and Mouth Log. The usage data of all the three apps registered in the record provided. Download the apps in the Apple app store and Google Play Store.

Proportionate your tooth brushing, how?

Mouth Check relief you brush more deliberately and efficiently every day. It analyses your brushing data with that of oral hygienists to rate your precision. The essential key to top rating is brushing your teeth one by one. Aim high to reach a score of 100. It is also attainable to share data among family members. Use this action with any of the G.U.M PLAY apps.

Record history and determine brushing data, Mouth log is a report of data such as the manner and length of action of your tooth brushing. This record of your oral care can display by day, week, month, and year. The bar chart shows the duration of brushing, which you can tap on for more details. Scores and colors indicate the quality of brushing. You will receive high scores if you exhaustively and correctly brush all 16 areas of your mouth.

Mouth Monster will change any baby, young or old, into a great fan of brushing. Apply your toothbrush to overthrow monster characters based on actual oral bacteria. With Mouth Monster, tooth brushing evolves to fun as playing a game.

Mouth Band revolves your toothbrush into a musical instrument. Prefer a manner and a tool, and brush as common. Three minutes of music plays in accordance to your brushing style. It is also attainable to brush to your on beloved tunes!

Mouth News performs three minutes of minimal audio news while you brush. You can modify to personally expected news topics as you like, and save items to read during the commute.

The G.U.M PLAY elastic cover – up sold individually come in a total of five colors. Get it done your own G.U.M PLAY just the way you prefer. They are also beneficial when each and every family member no need to use separate devices. Maintain clean by disconnecting the cap from the device to wash or replace. The colors of G.U.M Play rubber cover are Pure White, Mint Green, Astro Grey, Bloom Pink, and Sky Blue. The G.U.M PLAY rubber cover is ¥500 each (w/o tax)



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