Google has introduced new scheme called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) which has beneficial to mobile users those who have low-RAM devices. Through this Google AMP Lite technique we can get more benefits like image size reducing and more. It also helps improving the device speed with weak-internet connection to access webpages using minimum amount of data.

AMP Lite, which Google rights causes a combined 45 percent reduction in data across all optimizations, basically allows the pages to load faster even on Low-RAM devices or that have weak internet connections, as per earlier reports. In order to achieve these results, the search giant has made several optimizations to AMP, Google said in a statement.

Google Search Engine Launches Simplified AMP Testing Tool

In a research, Google said that on an average, images form around 64 percent of the data of a web page. Due to this only, the company decided to remove that part of the image data which is not noticeable to the users, including thumbnail and geolocation data. Google has further reduced the size of JPEG images as well as quality to a point where the difference doesn’t become noticeable.

The image data is then compressed “fully” and as per the company, these optimizations reduce data by around 40 percent while the differences are not visible. The company says that it further converts JPEG images to WebP format for supported browsers which leads to further 25 percent data reduction to JPEG images.

With Google AMP Lite, Google uses the “amp-font” tag which allows fonts to be displayed instantaneously even if the Google didn’t cache them earlier. Google Says that AMP lite will be introducing in countries like Vietnam and Malaysia for the users those who have low-RAM devices.