Shah Rukh Khan’s youngest son Abram Khan is the most coddled one, and there is no denying fact in that. Shah Rukh Khan himself has time and again revealed how much he loves to spoil his little cute, lovable son by pouring him with love and affection.

In many interviews, SRK revealed that his son Abram completely different than his elder son Aryan and daughter Suhana Khan. He said that Aryan preferred being on his own, doing his work while grown up, whereas Suhana was always a little shy.

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Coming to the Abram Khan, he is peppy and always on the move and ready for new adventure, let’s SRK see the world differently and often accompanies him as he sets off to shoot for his films. However, SRK’s wife Gauri Khan, who is an interior designer professionally gifted a beautiful tree house to Abram Khan, and by the looks of it, he absolutely loves it.

Gauri Khan took her Instagram and posted beautiful Abram Khan Tree House pics which have been designed by Sabu Cyrill. So, at the age of just three, this star kid Abram Khan became the owner of his own house.

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Adorable Tree house executed by Sabu Cyril ,for our little one ….

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These pics of the Adorable Tree house will definitely make us jealous that we can’t get such a beautiful gift at that age.


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