Guinness world record

A 11 year old Beagle dog named Purin and its owner sets Guinness world record by doing skipping with single rope. They did 58 jumping’s in duration of one minute.

In past this Beagle and its owner Makoto Kumagai sets the first world record of ‘ Most skips by a dog and a person in one minute by single rope’in May 2016 with 51 jumping’s . Now they breaks record with 58 jumping’s

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This attempt was take place at shizoku in japan. The dog which created the record, its name is Purin. It got fame in 2015 for most balls caught by dog with one paw in one minute

The goalkeeping pup expertly caught 14 mini footballs thrown by Makoto. It also holds the record for the Fastest 10 metres travelled on a ball by a dog in the duration of 10.39 seconds, and this record is achieved in March 2016.

Purin is an amazing dog which creates many records in the past. This Beagle and Makoto is in the process of achieving Guinness book records. Recently he conducted the Facebook live which exhibits the talent of this dog.


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