Now you can travel Chennai to Bengaluru in just 30 minutes and that too by land ways. As per reports, this dream come true is a latest proposed mode of transportation by the US-based company to Indians. This revolutionary project reduces the time what we spend in traveling between cities.

The company has recently tweeted the routes which include Chennai-Mumbai, Chennai-Bengaluru, Pune-Mumbai, Mumbai-Delhi, and Bengaluru-Thiruvananthapuram. Hyperloop, the company behind the idea has approached Union Ministry of Road Transport of India with a letter of intent. The fact is that the routes are being considered to run bullet trains. Japanese and Chinese teams are studying the Chennai-Bengaluru route to run high-speed trains.

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Hyperloop says that people can commute for the price of bus tickets and all they are going to charge for the fast service. The team behind the project to install prefabricated tubes atop pillars, a move aimed to cut down cost and time of construction. Windmills on the pillars and solar panels on top to tap energy will reduce operational cost.

As employees magnetic system only needs energy at starting, it can glide up to 200 miles when it touches top speed. The first line is expected to come up between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the next few years. It will reduce travel time from 90 minutes to 12 minutes.

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“Any plan which aims at high-speed connectivity is good. But they may take more than a decade to take off because of different reasons. There will be procedural delays and time taken for approvals from the government,” says a senior railway official.

Government loses interest in the High-speed trains’ project in Kerala for high fares. The line from Thiruvananthapuram to Mangalore ran into trouble when the cost and fare were projected. The land is not barren and free in India, and It cannot be built along the highway due to several bends and inclines. The tunnel should be built on a straight line with minimum curves as the pods will be shuttled at very high speeds.