The social media giant Facebook is looking forward to introduce latest features for its users. As a part of that, it is focusing on launching Group Voice Calling feature on the desktop version of Facebook Messenger.

As we know, the Group Voice Calling option is available for mobile Messenger App and coming to the desktop version it is not available. So, Facebook is busy to launch the feature for its desktop version, and few techies are also busy in works to introduce the Facebook Group Voice Calling feature on its desktop messenger.

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According to the latest reports, currently, the popular social media platform is testing the feature with a few number of Messenger users. In case if you are one of the lucky chosen by Facebook, then you will plug a phone icon in your group chat window. A click on it will enable you to invite friends to the group to join the call.

Moreover, the Facebook-Owned Oculus had also introduced a voice calling option named as Parties which allows users to make VR-to-VR calls. Apart from Facebook, other social media platforms like WeChat, WhatsApp, Microsoft Skype and many other apps provides voice calling on their platform.

A messaging grows beyond text and towards rich media, chat apps are racing to hold voice and video.

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The popular social media platforms such as Snapchat has recently released audio and video calling in March of his year. Google also recently introduced Audio calls to its newly launched Duo video chat. Slack, WhatsApp, and Oculus were also updating with voice calling feature for its users. Facebook first started its audio calling on the desktop in 2013, but now it’s making VoIP more unique.

If the facility comes to the popular social media platform, then many people might get to stop asking “What’s your Skype name?” but still we don’t know the exact date of when the feature will be available.