Devialet, the French Audio Company debuted the standard wireless speaker Phantom last year. The low-end speakers boasted abundant power of 750 watts and hits a volume of 105db.  The base model, Silver Phantom was impressively loud till date. On Tuesday, the company has added a high-powered Gold Phantom to its series with a price tag of $3,000 or £1,690. The all new Gold Phantom is 8 times louder than the base model and two times more powerful.

Devialet’s Gold Phantom Wireless speaker is budded as the “most extreme speaker ever made.” The basic design and shape is same as the silver Phantom. The stunning exterior design with a 22kt rose gold finish on the sides beautifies the powerful speakers. Well, going inside the speakers the new model packs a titanium tweeter and a new audio digital hybrid amp (ADH) which boasts 4,500 watts of power. The French company claimed that the new model is capable of maximum volume of 108db.

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The company claims that the extra $c 600 dollar for the new model is not just for the extended frequency but also for the soothing response. Company says that the frequency response is ranged between 14Hz to 27kHz which is very hard for a human ear. And other improvements of made in all new Phantom includes, change of Digital Signal Processing in the unit. Representatives of the French Company also claimed that other Phantom users will also see the update of their wireless speakers with firmware update in future.

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While coming to the connectivity, the Gold Phantom works with Devialet’s own app or via Bluetooth or Spotify. The company said that it eventually plans to add other wireless technologies to the platform. Now, Devialet Gold Phantom will be available for pre-order on France’s national holiday, Bastille Day, July 14.