Ashok Leyland’s new Electric Bus is a revolutionary step in Indian transportation system. Indian based automobile manufacturer Ashok Leyland has developed the electric vehicle under the concept of “Make in India”.

The Indian central government has sanctioned some of the incentives for the companies that are taking up the projects which are environment friendly and Make in India concept.

Ashok Leyland has produced the Bus which can accommodate 31 sitting passengers and can travel up to 120 kms at 75 kmph speed. A full charge requires 3 hours to travel the said distance. This is very much suitable for the Urban transportation.

Internally for the passengers, the bus provide the latest technological facilities like Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile charging points.

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Earlier, in 2015, Ashok Leyland Managing Director, Vinod K Dasari has stated that the company will launch Electric vehicles that are made completely in India. As per the promise made the company has delivered the same.

He also added that the company plans to introduce around 50 buses in the current year and in the next year the number will be increased to 200. Such an effort will make the India more transformed into the electric generation. The company has also announced a budget of Rs.14,000 crore for this project.

There are more growing concerns in the entire globe regarding the pollution levels because of the fuel vehicles.

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The manufacturing plant of these electric buses is situated in Tamil Nadu state. Additional chief secretary for industries and commerce of the state, Ambuj Sharma has appreciated for the company efforts to protect the environment and fuel pollution levels.

On the other hand Indian government is planning to launch at least 70 lakh electric buses across the country by the year 2020.