Apple launched its music subscription named Apple Music service in June 2015.The company had also owned Beats music to increase the quality of the music. The music service came up with many features including 24×7 beats radio station, playlists, offline mode, 30 million songs library and the option to link with existing iTunes. It also offered a three-month free trial followed by paid subscription.

It had not gone very successful and got a mixed response from the users. Many of the subscribers had opined that the music app is lacking the hallmark of great Apple products. The major drawbacks of the music app are the complicated user interface and the linking of the new iTunes library to the existing one.

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The drawbacks may be a result of the cultural clash between the current employees and the Beats music crew. Many of the Staff had left Apple due to some reasons which partially stopped the Tech giant to reach its goal of becoming the world leader in music services.

Apple is reportedly planning some significant changes in the user interface by redesigning and taking possible steps to make it user-friendly. The updated version may include some special features like publishing lyrics along with the song and gave a bolder theme. Apple is in talks with the music publishers about the same.

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The newer version of Apple music would be bolder text, black and white styles replacing the existing colour look. The updated edition would also be featuring with 3D integration which gives users short previews and the option of easy sharing with others.

Apart from all these inclusions, the Tech giant is also planning to extend its Radio services in the revamped edition. According to the reports, Apple would be launching a beta version of new Apple music available for developers and users. The full version would be rolled out soon along with the release of IOS 10 at Worldwide Developers Conference.

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According to latest numbers, Apple music has 13 million paid subscribers’ stands next to Spotify having over 30 million paying users. Apple wants to be the forefront leader with its newer version of Apple Music.


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