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Apple Music coming after a Reboot

Apple launched its music subscription named Apple Music service in June 2015.The company had also owned Beats music to increase the quality of the music. The music service came up with many features including 24×7 beats radio station, playlists, offline mode, 30 million songs library and the option to link with existing iTunes. It also offered a three-month free trial followed by paid subscription.

It had not gone very successful and got a mixed response from the users. Many of the subscribers had opined that the music app is lacking the hallmark of great Apple products. The major drawbacks of the music app are the complicated user interface and the linking of the new iTunes library to the existing one.

Apple iTunes cutting off Allowances Program for Kids by May 25, 2023

The drawbacks may be a result of the cultural clash between the current employees and the Beats music crew. Many of the Staff had left Apple due to some reasons which partially stopped the Tech giant to reach its goal of becoming the world leader in music services.

Apple is reportedly planning some significant changes in the user interface by redesigning and taking possible steps to make it user-friendly. The updated version may include some special features like publishing lyrics along with the song and gave a bolder theme. Apple is in talks with the music publishers about the same.

New Safari app from Apple

The newer version of Apple music would be bolder text, black and white styles replacing the existing colour look. The updated edition would also be featuring with 3D integration which gives users short previews and the option of easy sharing with others.

Apart from all these inclusions, the Tech giant is also planning to extend its Radio services in the revamped edition. According to the reports, Apple would be launching a beta version of new Apple music available for developers and users. The full version would be rolled out soon along with the release of IOS 10 at Worldwide Developers Conference.

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According to latest numbers, Apple music has 13 million paid subscribers’ stands next to Spotify having over 30 million paying users. Apple wants to be the forefront leader with its newer version of Apple Music.


As of today, everyone is well aware of the voice assistants which all the leading platforms are providing. Most popular of them are Apple’s Siri and Cortana of Windows. Now a new voice-based virtual assistant which works on Artificial Intelligence is on the cards and would be unveiled within a week. Siri was third party application before acquisition by the Tech giant. It was developed by Dag Kittlaus and Adam Cheyer who now are working for the new virtual assistant called Viv.

Outdated technology is the reason for apple; downfall in china: Jia Yueting

About one-third of the team who are behind Siri app left Apple differing them regarding the functionalities of Siri. Now all of them are under one roof working for the new project. The concept of Viv was started in 2003 and its functionality is far better than the Siri.

Viv is built on Siri’s foundation but it is even more powerful because of its Artificial Intelligence technology. It can do various things and go well ahead of the apple’s assistant regarding performance. The new AI assistant would more flexible and would give the feel of a human assistant. It was developed with a vast database along with the significant partnerships of third party services.

Apple ready to pay $24.9 million to Dallas Company to settle Siri patent

The theme behind the making of Viv is to make users connected with businesses and service providers without any typing just by giving voice-based commands. It can do a lot of works like ordering a pizza, flowers or booking a cab. It would read out a lot of options available and gives the user the option to choose.

Siri’s creators Dag Kittlaus and Adam Cheyer had integrated these kinds of functionalities in Siri but later trimmed by the Apple management as they have different views. They are planning to avail Viv to various platforms as a part of their goals and they don’t want to repeat the mistake of selling it to others as they have done in the case of Siri.

It is reportedly known that Facebook and Google had already trying to own Viv due to its high potential. The developers of Viv are still working on the new technology and want their new assistant inside TV’s and cars. More information would pop out soon as Viv would be revealed to the world on May 9 at an event called Major Industry Conference.

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Apple iTunes cutting off Allowances Program for Kids by May 25, 2023

iTunes Allowances

Family sharing to replace Apple iTunes allowance for Kids

Apple iTunes allowances will be call off from 13th April 2016 and no more sign up for new iTunes allowance for kids. On 25th May, existing users will automatically cancel. If in case, any usage credit allocation remains, it will be in the beneficiary account until used completely.

Individual sharing is not feasible, but you can take advantage of Family sharing. iTunes Allowance let parent set up monthly credit for their kids to spend on App Store and iTunes Store purchases. That means, a child can assign a $5/month allowance for the App store and iTunes store.

It is the easiest way to keep connected with family by sharing photos, calendar, and more and you can also control your kids spending time with the parent user device. One family organizer will send an invite though family members will join and automatically family sharing set-up will add up the joined family members.

Family sharing feature that rolled out with iOS 8, OS X Yosemite and iTunes 12, which enable a parent to purchase content by themselves, before sharing it with the rest of the family and also helps in approve a child’s spending before being billed.

“Apple Ends iTunes Allowances Next Month, Parents Will Have To Use Family Sharing Instead”

Once the organizer of the family set – up family sharing, just turn on the mode Ask to buy, though an alert message will reach the organizer and it restricts children to access. Children will get approval or declination from organizers device. Kids under the age 13 can also access but need your permission in such a way through restrictions i.e. organizer can limit the usage.

Apart from family sharing, parents can give their children some independence by buying iTunes credit gift cards at regular intervals. Family sharing on iPhone, iPod or iPad, with iOS8 or later your Macintosh OS Yosemite or your PC with iCloud for Windows

For Mac >Apple menu> system preferences>iCloud> click set up family. For iPhone, iPad, settings> iCloud>tap set – up Family Sharing.

Apple has not disclosed the reason for the stated news, but, probably to make easier to the users and standard restrictions targeting children.

source: support.apple.com

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