Piper Jaffray spring 2016 survey

The on-going periodical survey, Piper Jaffray Taking Stock with Teens, unveils greater passion of teens for iPhone rather than Android devices. Piper Jaffray is a Brokerage firm which conducts survey twice in a year, i.e., after every six months to know the pulse of the teen in the fields of fashion, beauty, digital media, gaming, personal care and entertainment. 

According to the Piper Jaffray’s Analyst Gene Munster, 6,500 teens are iPhone owners with an average age of 16.5 years were part of the semi-annual survey are iPhone owners. The survey is all about the smartphone preferences of the young group.

Piper Jaffray spring 2016 survey research shows Apple as the main American youth consumer

The recent  survey of the spring season 2016 discloses that 69% of the teens own an iPhone, which hooks up to 1% from the preceding survey conducted six months ago. The extensive survey also includes a percent hike in the teen that wait for the next handset to be iPhone. Attracted towards the Apple Logo on the back of the handset, 75% of the surveyed teens said that their next phone will be an iPhone.
The point to be focused here in the Piper Jaffray survey is, only 19% of the teens said that their next handset will be an Android powered smartphone.
While Coming to Tablet devices, it is a little different in the story. There is a slight decline of points to 48% in Apple iPad ownership when compared to the 50% ownership in the six months back survey. iPad Mini ownership scaled high to 16% with up of 1 percent.

50 percent of the surveyed teens said that their next tablet will be iPad, and 13% voted up for iPad mini. 14 % of the surveyed teens stated that they wish to have a tablet powered by Android were 19%of they said that it would be a windows tablet.
The surprising point over here is, after the sizable efforts made by the Microsoft to enhance the position, there is a decline of 4 percent in those who plan to buy a Microsoft tablet. It was 23% as per the survey conducted half a year ago.
Munster is of the opinion that the diminishing Tablet interest in American teenagers made Apple release iPad Pro with the support of Smart Keyboard and keyboard stylus Apple pencil. He also adds that the Apple iPad Pro price attracts the college students.

The survey added up the point that the most popular wearable Fitness brand for teens is “Fitbit”. As 72% of the people in the survey opt Fitbit, it takes the first position with 19% up in the market from the Piper Jaffray survey conducted six months ago. Nike takes second place with 12%. Apple surprisingly stands third in place with 6 percent. In comparison with Fall 2015, Apple and Nike wearable devices experience a decline of shares in the market.


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