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Presenting the First Hindi Bhojpuri Rap Song by Gangster Yadav

Introducing The First Ever Bhojpuri Rap Song by Gangster Yadav

Music has evolved through centuries through various dynamics which has seen Pop stars, Ghazal artists, Classical, Blues, Rock. Perhaps the most popular or trending being Rap music which has graced its powerful presence in Film Industries, Music Videos, and Songs.

Till now you were seeing the sensational Punjabi songs with of Yo Yo Honey Singh (originally Hirdesh Singh) and Badshah (originally Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia) contributing with their heart and soul to touch the lives of their fans, but now, Bhojpuri music industry has his own star in creation.

YES! We are talking about recently released a song by Gangster Yadav aka Chandan Rai. He has brought a storm in the Bhojpuri music industry where every big music director and producer is talking about him. This guy has given FIRST HINDI - BHOJPURI RAP SONG to the industry which got viral in few hours of launch.

Till now people were flowing in the tunes of Bohemia, Honey Singh, and Badshah but now, this guy seems to be an emerging competition to these big names. OHH YES! You heard it right.

People have already started talking about his entry in Bollywood and are waiting for his hit rap numbers in Bhojpuri centric movies like Dabang, Gangs of Wasseypur, PK, and similar upcoming projects.

It seems now Bhojpuri music lovers have taken a breath of relieving seeing this handsome and super rapper taking the industry in a new direction.

Legends Gracing the Rising Bhojpuri Music Culture

It is simply outstanding the way rap culture is being gracefully accepted by true rap loving music fans who understand the taste of rap and Bhojpuri blend, the perfect cocktail to give the best kick which is sure to stay and make you feel happy & high.

Bhojpuri music is getting revived, and you can smell the freshness it has to offer and the pure aroma that indulges one in a feeling of happiness, a pursuit of some fine Bhojpuri rap music which is both soothing and that certain element of heat to spice up your life which may otherwise be dull and boring.

Gangster Yadav new Hindi Bhojpuri Rap song is a true example of changing culture of Bhojpuri music Industry and has set a new landmark in the history of Bhojpuri music.

Unparallel Experience for Expressing your Innermost Feelings

Music has no limits, and it travels from the heart of the singer or rapper and to the millions of souls or hearts it touches. Music is peace, and music is meditation and music is that power with which one finds their way back into the life which all roads may appear to close.

There can’t be a parallel form of joy to express the rise of Bhojpuri culture in an award winning Bollywood movies and with legends of Rap music making their sinful (addictive) contribution to make the generations go crazy and enjoy dancing to the rapping sensational music remix which is truly mind blowing.

Not just in India but people across the world from various ethnicity are embracing Bhojpuri music wholeheartedly thus proving critics with statistics that Bhojpuri music is going to dominate the world of Music and the Rap Cult soon. Enjoy the latest in Bhojpuri Music, the Bhojpuri Rap Song Remixes and be part of the history in making!

Sony Rolly is pointed top of the Sony designed less than a decade ago

Sony Corporation, which is commonly known as Sony, a popular company for the best products it released in the technology. Sony has initially come up with the Walkman and the Play station in the earlier days and before all. Sony stamped the unique mark in the entire world for their products.

Now we are discussing, one of Sony products, “Sony Rolly”. Rolly is a robotic digital music player in the egg shaped designed and developed by Sony. This concept of this product is combining the music along with the robotic dancing, the two wheels which allow the Rolly to rotate and spin. There ae two circulars Color LED light bands at the edges and around the Rolly. The two wings (arms) which opens and closes according to the music being played.

Sony PlayStation VR headset will knock the market on October 2016 at $399

The Playback controls are easy to operate; the music tracks can be changed by shaking the device or spinning the wheels. It cost around $399.99 and released in the year 2007. With the Rolly, you can choreograph your dance moves with the software given by Sony. Rolly works only on exclusive Sonic Stage application to transfer the music in the particular format.

Initially, thought that Rolly uses Bluetooth, so it could be easy in playing the music and dance with its pre-recorded routines. Only it could able to pair with the Sony PSP from 2009. One of the testers got the Rolly from the previous owner and which is capable of playing “Africa” by Toto, “Let’s Groove” by Earth, Wind & Fire and  “Eternal Flame” by the Bangles,

The initial teaser advertising for this Sony Rolly was launched by Sony on August 20, 2007. The product released on September 20, 2007, and went on live for the sale in Japan on September 29. At the time of release, the Rolly is available in black and white. There are options to choose the different accessories and colours for the arms.

Sony Agrees To Pay Millions For Abdicating Linux On PS3

If Rolly rolls out today, definitely the cost would not be $399.00. It could have given the connectivity with the present smartphone application compatibility. Even now this product is loved by many of the people. You can check out the PSY Gangnam Style song played on the Rolly.

This project might have raised this concept through the Kickstarter in these days; but the Sony had come up with this less than a decade ago. With this we can say how Sony is best and advancement in the technology and with their products.

Glastonbury Festival 2016: The Complete Picture of Performing Events

Only few hours left for the forthcoming five-day event Glastonbury Music Festival 2016,we have provided you the complete picture of the mega event which going to live from tomorrow in the Worthy Farm, Pilton. The BBC (British Broadcasting Company) will cover the entire five-day event of Glastonbury Festival.

American Eagle Day; A Symbol of Freedom and Liberty  

The tickets have been entirely sold out for the event which will take place from 22 – 26 this month. You can also book tickets for the next five years well in advance from now. The Price of the ticket is £ 228 and £ 5 booking fee

Glastonbury Music Festival will take place in Somerset, England, which inaugurated in the year 1970. The festival would be usually held on the  last week of June every year. It’s a five-day event, this year’s event starts on 22 June 2023 and ends on 26 June 2016.

Glastonbury festival of music and arts

This year tickets that sold are 135,000; each ticket costs to £228. The famous, notable acts are Jeff Lynne’s ELO, Beck Tame Impala, PJ Harvey, New Order, Foals, Ellie Goulding, Madness, Skepta, and the last shadow puppets, Earth, Wind and Fire, Jake Bugg, ZZ Top, LCD Sound-system, Bastille, Wolf Alice, Damon Albarn.

The five-day music festival celebration on a contemporary of performing arts and also comedy, circus, cabaret and the festival hosts dance and also pop and rock artists appearing on small stages and playing areas.

Eavis apportioned profits from his Glastonbury festival to support charitable causes and during an appearance on BBC Radio program, the founder told the festival could never lose its license due to the contribution it makes to the local economy. In 2014, the Glastonbury support Oxfam, Greenpeace, WaterAid, and hundreds of other worthy causes by donating £2 million. The fund collection is to improve the festival infrastructure and environmental impact.

The Glastonbury Music Festival founded by Michael Eavis is an English dairy farmer and founder of the Glastonbury. He also holds Honorary Degrees from University of Bath and University of Bristol.

Glastonbury is the largest Greenfield festival in the world which receives extensive television and newspaper coverage. The festival requires significant infrastructure relating to security, water, transport, and electricity supply and the no of attendees rose to around 175, 000 people.

Main Events one shouldn’t miss :

  • Wolfgang Buttress’s Be One project at Glade Area Glastonbury on Thursday at 9.55pm
  • On Wednesday 22nd June, at 4 pm, we will be holding a tribute to Jo Cox on The Park Stage on what would have been her 42nd birthday. Stand As One – Live at Glastonbury 2016, a live album for refugees dedicated to the memory of Jo Cox
  • Adele to headline Saturday night
  • Muse to headline Friday night (the first band to become to all three night at the worthy farm.
  • Coldplay to headline the Sunday night, this is the first band to headline Glastonbury for four times.

United Nations Public Service Day 2016

Glastonbury Music Festival 2016 Line Ups acts announced to perform

  • Pyramid Stage: Muse, Foals, ZZ Top, Jess Glynne, Two Door Cinema Club, Skepta, the Orchestra of Syrian Musicians with Damon Albarn and Guests.
  • Other Stage: Disclosure, Bastille, Bring me the Horizon, Editors, The Lumineers, Frightened Rabbit, Christine and the Queens, Blossoms, James
  • West Holts Stage: Underworld, Roisin Murphy, White Denim, Protoje, Vince Staples, DakhaBrakha,
  • The Park Stage: Richard Hawley, Savages, Ronnie Spector, Daughter, Ezra Gurman, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, NAO
  • John Peel Stage: SigurRos, Aluna George, Explosions in the Sky, Jack Garratt, Half Moon Run, Aurora, Rat Boy, Elle King.
  • Acoustic Stage
  • Silver Hayes
  • Williams Green
  • Avalon Stage
  • Theatre and Circus
  • The Glade
  • Left Field
  • Kidz Field
  • Arcadia
  • Block9
  • The Common
  • Shangri-La
  • Unfair Ground
  • Glasto Latino


Will Apple Music service shut down Spotify in Near Future?

On Quarterly Earning call day Apple’s CEO Tim cook unveiled Apple Music streaming service, which had currently 13 Million paid subscribers. Since, its launch on June 30, 2023 the service took a long step towards the success. The service has added 2 million paid subscribers since February when the company announced 11 million subscribers. Now, it’s time for the competitors like Spotify and Pandora to come up with the best plans to compete with the Apple Music. Spofity, the leading music service provider since its launch has attracted just 30 million paid subscribers in March 2016.

The 10 month old Apple Music streaming service is undoubtedly giving a tough competition. With such a fast growth, soon the tech giant Apple music service is going to shut down Spofity as it is given that Apple has over 1 billion users on iOS. Well, the extensive marketing strategies of Apple will definitely bridge the gap in these digits between Apple and Spofity. Mr. Cook said, the service generated $9.9 billion in this quarter with a hike of 37 percent each year.

Spotify Reaches To 100 Million Subscribers Since Launch of Apple Music Streaming

Apple Music service is promotion continued by releasing videos and songs of famous artists. Recent video of Apple music service, Taylor Swift vs Treadmill was the most viewed endorsement on internet. However the iPhone sales have reportedly come down. The company is right now working on the service parts and service business like iTunes, Apple Pay, Apple Music, iCloud.

“Our team executed extremely well in the face of strong macroeconomic headwinds. We are very happy with the continued strong growth in revenue from Services, thanks to the incredible strength of the Apple ecosystem and our growing base of over one billion active devices,” Mr. Tim Cook said.

Apple Making $40M Worth of Gold From Waste

Apple Music service is priced $9.99 per month which close to Spofity service. Well, Spofity is priced just $4.99 for Students whereas this not available in Apple music service. Apple music service bugs can be cleared only when iOS is updated. Spofity updates directly from the app store. Besides three month of free trail, the company is planning to start a new TV show starring Dr. Dre, as a part of advertising exclusive content on its music service.

Apple music streaming service has no major updates since its launch. According to the experts in the field, the company may add few new features during the World Wide Developers Conference which is scheduled for June. A dominant player in market of many countries has surprisingly managed to become one of the leading music services before its first anniversary, on June 30.

Podcasts Anchored to Google Play Music are Now Available

Podcasts Anchored to Google Play Music are Now Available

Podcast Addictors, never been felt Google Play Music could do Podcast? Yes, it does now

After a Decade of Podcasts Inception, Google green signalled to Podcasts that anchored to Google Play music are now available with an update (i.e. APK download) to Android users with a new icon.

Google Play Music now follows the footsteps of services like Apple iTunes, and the first podcast supported to music players launched in 2005 and in addition to iTunes, Spotify, which supports podcast out of beta recently started and got trending over.

Spotify Reaches To 100 Million Subscribers Since Launch of Apple Music Streaming

Likely, Google was testing this feature earlier in October last year and also recruited podcasters. They launched podcast portal with a sign up including podcasts of major shows like Marc Maron’s WTF, Tyson’s Star Talk Radio, etc., in the US which doesn’t announce the capability to play the podcast in the app. By Feb onwards users pursued podcast sections in their apps. So the reason, today’s Google Podcasts launch doesn’t make surprise anymore.

The company writes in Monday’s official announcement that “Listeners can find your podcasts based on what they’re doing, how they’re feeling or in what way are they interested in and subscribe to make sure they never miss a show.” Once you discover that you like a specific show, and then all can also subscribe and download your favourite show, and you will get an alert when a new episode arrives.

Google Beats Oracle: Implementation of Java API Code in Android was “Fair Use”

Google left podcast market left to the third party like Doggcatcher, Pocket cast, Stitcher Radio, Player FM, and Podcast Addict. The Company took a while to bring the following feature i.e. Podcasters can add their shows in Google Music Play Portal and can include in Google’s program. This featured function will get assist to more in number to at least try Google play music.

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