Spigen created Tether for Apple Airpod for Just $10

Tether word carries the meaning “Tie.” Apple’s innovation AirPods are crafted for the latest generations and are just superb to own. But there is a lag for this. Because of the size of the AirPods, there is a chance of missing one of the earphones amongst the pair. Hence Spigen created “Tether.”

The tiny buds designed in such a way that they are best fitted in the ears. The hassle free from wires earphones is a benchmark in the technological advancements of the headphones segment. Apple in this regard has spent a lot of time for making a dream come true, for the users.

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Though Apple has stated that the ear buds sized tiny headphones are perfect for usage, in practical a design fault has raised. To overcome this, Spigen has come out with a solution. Tether, designed in such a manner that the two independent headphones can attach on either side.

Whenever wanted, both can be detached from the Tether. This connection almost resembles a wire. The shape and the look of this are as impressive as the technological creation of the headphones.

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It is priced with a very low quote. It is made available through Online shopping sites for just $10. The delivery will start from October 17th, 2016. When compared to the expensive price tag of the AirPods with $150, this cannot be looked like a cost to buy.

The missing of a single headphone in the AirPod’s pair will cost us more. Hence, the security is very cheap as per monetary terms. A patent right for the Spigen’s Tether is yet in waiting.

Of course, the basic idea of AirPods design may ruin with this attachment. But security wise this becomes essential. It is purely now in the hands of the user whether they should opt for this or not.


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