YouTube Unplugged

YouTube is working on a plan to launch online TV service in 2017. They will provide the service by the subscription-based streaming service called “Unplugged.” YouTube has set the high priority on this project and this project might come in to live in the coming year.

As of now YouTube is the best video services provided in the world in part of attracting the viewers and also in revenue. YouTube is the part of the Tech giant Google. Now YouTube is getting started with the new service.

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According to the reports, recently the companies including Sony, Dish and Hulu also launched to offer the online TV with the different premium and standard plans. YouTube has already prepared the game plan for its current goal. They are ready with the infrastructure modifications and other updates related to their upcoming service.

YouTube haven’t unlocked any word regarding the release. The talks have been going with the giant video content companies like Twenty-First Century Fox, Viacom, CBS and NBCUniversal. The information relating to the service plans is yet to reveal and according to the sources cited in Bloomberg News, the right to content and other sources have to be finalised.

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In the year of 2015, YouTube has introduced “YouTube Red” service. One can view the videos on the YouTube with Ad-free and users who avail this service have to pay $10 for the monthly subscription. This service is available in the US only. The subscription rates for “Unplugged” service is at $35/Month cited on the Bloomberg News.

YouTube has denied responding in answering to the questions regarding the “Unplugged” when contacted by the AFP. All we have to do is wait for the official announcement from the YouTube.


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