Alpha Designs technologies signed a contract to make navigation satellites from Indian Space Research Organization. “The agreement confronts the assembling, integrating, testing and supplying two satellites for the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System in ISRO.

Alpha Chairman Colonel (Retd) H.S. Shankar said In next two years Alpha Design Technologies Pvt Ltd would be investing in creating, an ultra-modern satellite manufacturing, assembly, integration, testing and qualification facilities, supply 4 to 5 satellites to ISRO, the company said in a release here.

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Alpha design technologies have organised to make use of India’s government policies for liberalization of Indian economy and opening of Defense Production to Private Sector Industries.

Shankar also said as part of the contract initially, and our teams would get ISRO supervision and would independently make complete satellites. He stated that “We are confident of securing orders to make satellites for ISRO through the competitive behest based on our expertise, talent and cost advantage.”

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The Space Agency is about to launch the Alpha made satellites on its rockets from Sriharikota AP, about 90 km northeast of Chennai. They were initially selecting 70 engineers, diploma holders and ITI qualified people for training at ISRO’s satellite centre in assembly, integrating and testing the spacecraft.