Instagram has rolled out a new ‘Saved’ tab feature for Android users. The app users with Android version 10.3 can see the ‘Saved’ tab on their profile page. This new save tab feature lets you save the posts you like without others knowledge. Reports say that the new ‘Saved’ tab will appear in the bottom right corner when you are viewing a photo or video on Instagram

The popular photo-sharing app is releasing the update in phases and reaches all its users soon. This new feature resembles Facebook ‘Saved’ feature which also allows its users to save articles or videos you like to view later. However, this ‘Saved’ tab’ feature isn’t a major update but will help user up to an extent to refer to pictures and videos they like.

Instagram New Update with Liking and Disabling Comments: Rolling Out Soon for Android and iOS

Instagram has come a long way from just a photo-sharing app to a video sharing platform and the next big thing. With more than 500 million users monthly, Instagram has rolled out live broadcasting feature to its users in the US.

Instagram also says that the live video update will be rolling out globally in the coming weeks. A live video feature makes its presence within the Stories section. These videos will be gone within 24 hours of uploading them and users cannot save the video or watch a recap. Unlike Instagram, Facebook allows saving live broadcasts and view later.

Instagram now Sends Alerts if You Screenshot Disappearing Messages

The photo sharing app has recently introduced many features copying from Snapchat which disappearing photo-sharing service. Instagram has disappeared live video and messaging feature in the earlier month. Instagram Direct feature works similar to Snapchat which shared videos among users or groups and disappeared after viewing twice.


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