Have you got the doubt that what astronaut’s will do if they need the toilet? Space is an endless journey which has no end. We all know there is no gravity in the space, so it is not possible to set a bathroom over there. So NASA experts need the genius solution to manage human waste in space.

This problem seems to be funny but it is a very serious issue. Once imagine you are in urgency to go the bathroom, but you didn’t find anything around your surroundings, how you feel? It is very horrible situation. Then what is the condition of astronauts?

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They will face problem to poo, pee and in the menstrual time. Every astronaut wears diapers during launches and landings. At present, they are wearing space suits which are specially designed to collect waste material from the body, but it is only for 10 hours. If that time exceeds, they have to manage with the diaper.

Now Nasa experts are challenging people with a name of Space Poop Challenge to bring a better solution than the diaper. Their conditions are a machine should be discovered which collects the waste up to 144 hours and it routes it away from the body without the usage of hands.

Young scientists who are waiting for the opportunity can use this chance. People who have designed the perfect space suit which solves the bathroom problem will award $30,000.

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Things you must follow to win

  • Keep urine or fecal waste away from body for 144 hours in space suit
  • It must operate in microgravity scenario
  • It should operate with full launch and entry suit is at the internal pressure of 4.3 PSID and 100% oxygen environment.
  • It should manage 1Litre urine per day and manager up to 75 gms of fecal mass and 80 ml menstrual fluid over 6 days
  • It should operate effectively on both men and women varying according to the sizes and weight
  • The deadline date is December 16th, so come up with the best solution and it became the award winner of this Space Poop Challenge