AdBlock Plus Now Sells Acceptable Ads

Adblock Plus: Premium online Advertisement blocking tool Ad-blocker is now looking to brokerage Ad sales. Eyeo GmbH, the software company behind this ad-blocking tool, is been making huge money from blocking online ads.

The German-based company announced its alliance with an Israeli ad-tech Startup ComboTag, to deal with the sale of certain advertisements targeting the Adblock Plus users.

Adblock Plus is one of the user-favorite tools for cleaning up clunky website interfaces, blocking ads, and preventing website tracking.

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The company is now planning to sell “acceptable ads’ which tend to replace instructive ads and would be a great platform for advertisers and consumers.

 “We were without even being aware of it,” says ComboTag founder and CEO Guy Tytunovich. “We established guidelines for a proper advertising mix that would not annoy users.”

Adblock Plus is now making its efforts to remove the bad ads which are less instructive and less annoying. The tool is going to host a marketplace for acceptable ads where site owners and operators can pick up ads and replace in the pages where bad ads were.

Adblock Plus users will see only the “acceptable” ads but not the normal ones.

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“What it does is it opens up just strictly the ad-blocking market. When we started talking to them, it was like, I don’t want to say preaching to the choir. It was more like two different preachers preaching to each other about the same thing. We can now work within the known architecture of advertising, rather than in this very, very … time-consuming old way of whitelisting” says Ben Williams, a spokesman for Adblock Plus. “So we’re talking to tier 1 [ad] agency trading desks and … we’re talking to digital publishers, and I haven’t heard a negative response yet. Everybody seems to get it.” he added.

This new acceptable initiative is a great compromise between advertisers and users which perfect sense on an idealistic level.

Many sites wouldn’t be able to operate a website without adverts, so this change allows web-site operators to advertise while enhancing the user experience. This doesn’t hint the idea of ad-blocking service to sell little backward ads.


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