Facebook and Twitter have joined an alliance comprises of over 30 news and technology organizations on Tuesday. The collaboration mainly aims to tackle fake news and improves the quality of reporting in social media.

First Draft coalition, backed by Alphabet Inc’s Google is formed back in June 2015. The coalition would promote news literacy among social media users, create a voluntary code of practice, and launch a dais where members can validate incredible news stories. Managing director of the coalition, Jenni sergent mentioned that the platform would be initiated by the end of this October.

Members of the group include Washington Post, New York Times, Agence France-Presse, BuzzFeed News and CNN. World largest social media network, Facebook with 1.7 billion users every month has been accused of its role in spreading misinformation and fake stories. Twitter with daily users over 140 million has been criticized for playing a major role in disseminating eyewitness content and breaking the news.

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“The network will help Facebook showcase the products, tools, and services we have built for journalists but also ensure we are constantly learning about how to improve them based on feedback from newsrooms.” Says, Aine Kerr, Facebook’s journalism partnerships manager. “We want to ensure we are building opportunities to learn from the industry and to ensure we continually hear their questions and feedback,” She added.

Earlier in August, Social network giant Facebook reportedly increased the use of automation to rate the viral happening topics of the day. This modern “Trending” feature can also be considered as a way to reduce human bias.

The members of the group will take the initiative to develop guidelines for best practice, but the suggestion will not be binding.

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“First Draft already works so closely with both news organizations and social platforms that we feel uniquely positioned to coordinate efforts and facilitate real progress in tackling some of the key challenges facing journalists and their audiences.” Says, Jenni Sargent, managing director, First Draft.

Other organizations joining the networks include Breaking News, Al Jazeera’s AJ+, International Business Times UK., Euronews, Reveal Project, Amnesty International, American Press Institute and European Journalism Centre. Few other are expected to join following the launch.


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