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Ad-Block Plus Launches its Ad Network With Acceptable Ads

AdBlock Plus Now Sells Acceptable Ads

Adblock Plus: Premium online Advertisement blocking tool Ad-blocker is now looking to brokerage Ad sales. Eyeo GmbH, the software company behind this ad-blocking tool, is been making huge money from blocking online ads.

The German-based company announced its alliance with an Israeli ad-tech Startup ComboTag, to deal with the sale of certain advertisements targeting the Adblock Plus users.

Adblock Plus is one of the user-favorite tools for cleaning up clunky website interfaces, blocking ads, and preventing website tracking.

Ad block plus cracked the Facebook’s restrictions on ad blocking

The company is now planning to sell “acceptable ads’ which tend to replace instructive ads and would be a great platform for advertisers and consumers.

 “We were without even being aware of it,” says ComboTag founder and CEO Guy Tytunovich. “We established guidelines for a proper advertising mix that would not annoy users.”

Adblock Plus is now making its efforts to remove the bad ads which are less instructive and less annoying. The tool is going to host a marketplace for acceptable ads where site owners and operators can pick up ads and replace in the pages where bad ads were.

Adblock Plus users will see only the “acceptable” ads but not the normal ones.

Opera Launches Native Ad-Blocking on Mobile Platforms

“What it does is it opens up just strictly the ad-blocking market. When we started talking to them, it was like, I don’t want to say preaching to the choir. It was more like two different preachers preaching to each other about the same thing. We can now work within the known architecture of advertising, rather than in this very, very … time-consuming old way of whitelisting” says Ben Williams, a spokesman for Adblock Plus. “So we’re talking to tier 1 [ad] agency trading desks and … we’re talking to digital publishers, and I haven’t heard a negative response yet. Everybody seems to get it.” he added.

This new acceptable initiative is a great compromise between advertisers and users which perfect sense on an idealistic level.

Many sites wouldn’t be able to operate a website without adverts, so this change allows web-site operators to advertise while enhancing the user experience. This doesn’t hint the idea of ad-blocking service to sell little backward ads.

Opera warns users after hacking attack on its web sync service

The traditional web service, Opera warns its users after intruders hacked its web sync.The search engine firm was quick enough to reset the passwords of all its users.
Opera recently decided to sell all its browser business to the Chinese consortium.

Opera Software develops the web browser Opera. The company has recently updated its latest version which is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux operating systems, OS X that uses the Blink layout engine. Presto layout engine, employed in the previous version is also available, and besides, it also runs FreeBSD engines.

The firm recently revealed the attackers gained access to Opera Sync, a service that lets the users synchronize their browser data and also the data settings across the multiple platforms. The investigation is in a process, but they initially believe that that the attackers may have compromised the user’s data, login names, including passwords.

Opera Extends its Free and Unlimited VPN to Android

Opera stated that majority of its 350 million users wouldn’t be affected since most of them don’t use sync. But still leaves about 1.7 million active users at risk, and there are likely more inactive users who are storing useful passwords.

Breaching the data is quite common, but targeting the sync browser data is rare. The company also assures the users that their passwords are safe. The firm also requested its customers to use the password resetting page to obtain the new password for Opera Sync. The attack news of the company came on the next day when the Dropbox issued a password reset for the accounts that hasn’t changed from 2012.

Opera’s ad-blocker: A Curse For Free Websites

The company states that ”We have also sent emails to all Opera sync users to inform them about the incident and ask them to change the password for their Opera sync accounts. In an abundance of caution, we have encouraged users to also reset any passwords to third party sites they may have synchronized with the service. Although we only store encrypted (for synchronized passwords) or hashed and salted (for authentication) passwords in this system, we have reset all the Opera sync account passwords as a precaution.”

The web browser enterprise was in the news recently for its pre-installed Ad-blocker option which was opposed by many websites.

TRAI will come out with a Solution on Auto Play Video Advertisements on Internet

Trai Chairman RS Sharma is going to take action step on Auto Play Video Advertisements that consume a lot of data. The auto-play video ads will also consume more Internet data where people are mostly unaware of it.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has taken this issue into consideration and will take a necessary step on these video ads that automatically play.

BSNL Introduces Unlimited 3G at Rs1099 Without FUP

TRAI Chairman RS Sharma called it as a serious problem and said that he is concerned with the automatic download which is consuming data from internet packs. “TRAI officials are working on this, but I think we should work at a much more furious rate. We will be able to come up with some response quickly,” he said.

He also stated that recently, all the network carriers such as Vodafone India, Idea, Bharti Airtel and Reliance increases Internet speed. So the rate of consumption of data will also more with such auto-playing video ads.

BSNL Unlimited Free Calls on Sundays will effect from 21 August

It noted that unwanted video download automatically which consume too many data.  A survey found that around 43 percent of consumers were unaware that clicking on video ads will consume more Internet data. A study also found that around 122 million people use ad blocker feature to browse the internet to avoid interruption in surfing.

Social Networking Site Facebook also plays auto-playing videos, but it has an option to disable auto play mode which is further come up with Facebook Live is now available for all iOS and Android devices.

Facebook Live arrived for All Android Users: Fb Live Video App Update

So, TRAI chairman RS Sharma is planning to come up with a solution. Sharma also told that TRAI is ready to work with any tech company, who will bring a solution to the affected cause of auto-play video ads.

“Trai officials are working on this, but I think we should work at a much more furious rate. We will be able to come up with some response quickly,” Sharma said.

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