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WhatsApp iOS Update Allows You Send Messages Even Without Internet

Whatsapp, the social messaging platform which doesn’t require any introduction has rolled out a new update exclusively to iPhone users. According to the update, apple or iOS users can now send WhatsApp messages without the Internet connection.

Before this update, iPhone users can’t have the send option to send a message when there’s no internet connection or mobile signal. So they have to go back and sent it when back online. So users have faced many difficulties while traveling on trains and metros.

But now the latest update makes user’s Whatsapp Messages to queued up and can be sent after getting internet connection or signal. While this feature is not yet available for Android users and millions of iOS users will be delighted by hearing this news.

Whatsapp to Bring Video Calling Services to Android, Windows and IOS

“You can now tap and send on messages when you don’t have a connection. Messages will be queued up and sent when your phone regains a connection,” WhatsApp wrote in the description.

All iPhone users with iOS 7 or higher can update their WhatsApp to the newer version 2.17.1 will receive these features. With update size of 91.2MB, it brings some new features like revamped memory usage screen and option to send up to 30 photos or videos at once.

WhatsApp Future Update will let you Edit and Revoke Sent Messages

The newly designed storage usage screen will allow users to manage their phone’s storage by clearing certain message types like photos and videos from specific chats.

In these days Whatsapp is in the news for some fake news like Whatsapp is going to be charging money and Facebook could read WhatsApp messages using a security back door in their system. However, none of them were found true.

Instagram New Update with Liking and Disabling Comments: Rolling Out Soon for Android and iOS

Instagram will soon get with the strong update that will be similar to Facebook. Nowadays Instagram is getting popular almost like the Facebook. In coming update, Instagram will allow the users to Like and Comment on the user posts. This feature will soon roll out for Instagram application for Android and iOS devices.

With this update, you can able to like and comment on the user phone and even you can comment on your friend’s photo or someone else. There will heart Symbol beside each comment; you can just make the simple tap on it for submitting your like.

Apart from this feature, there is another update to arrive in the Instagram. The user can turn off the commenting for the specific posts you require. You can make this by tapping the “Advanced Settings” and Tap “Turn Off Commenting” to apply settings right there before posting the post.  Just with the simple swipe, you can turn on the commenting for your post again.

Another feature added in this update is related to the Privacy. Most of the users over Instagram prefers to keep their accounts private. It does not mean that if the new user has to follow your posts you have to approve manually. If you want to remove particular user from your list, the only way we have is to block the person from the list. Now to overcome this, the Instagram is providing user to remove the person by heading to the follower’s list and tap on the respective user to unfollow.  The user who are unfollowing will not be notified when you remove the user from the list.

Instagram now Sends Alerts if You Screenshot Disappearing Messages

These updates will be rolling out to all the users; the update may not be available for everyone at the same time. We will be updating the latest release of this new update on Instagram.

Onenote ‘new ink Math Assistant’ Can Do Math Homework

Microsoft is about to release an updated version of Onenote for Windows 10 ‘ink math assistant’. These new nifty updates would make the tool much more powerful for the future mathematicians out there. The new ink math assistant would be the biggest update as it converts handwritten equations into text and also solves them.

It might not be helpful up to an extreme extent if it simply gave the answers for all equations, the tool also demonstrates how to solve the problems in a step by step procedure. This is a line-in of Microsoft Editor feature in Word, which guides on the grammar and styling tips making use of artificial intelligence.

Microsoft Pix The latest iOS camera application which enhances Point. Shoot. Perfect

Ink math assistant has a cool feature which can re-play notes step by step. This helps in following a sequence of notes, for better understanding the order of operations in a math problem, recalling the lineup of thought after a brainstorming session. The earlier feature one released earlier in July doesn’t do anything which is productive.

It provides an option to choose among a new set of ink effects which includes rainbow, silver, and gold. This enhances notes look much prettier.Microsoft made the features available to the Office 365 subscribers now.

Microsoft Announces A New Professional Degree Program To Tackle Skills Gap

The company is adding a ‘fast’ tier to its insider program for the users who want to check out office features sooner. A higher risk of glitches and bugs is expected in this insider program.

Google Maps Updated With Cleaner Look and ‘Areas of Interest’ Feature

Google Maps Updated: with a clean look feature “Area of Interest”

The latest Google Maps Update makes easier to find things around you. Google now rolls out a new user-friendly design of its Maps which gives a clearer view of the streets or locations.

And a new feature “Areas of interest” is also added in this update which allows you to locate the interesting places where a lot of excited activities are done. The Google Maps free update is rolling out today to all the Desktop, iOS, and Android users.

The search giant, Google aims at highlighting the necessary information on the Maps without overcrowding, and the company claims that it is an act of balancing. So, the update involved in the removal of the unnecessary elements like the road outlines and the result of this is cleaner view.

Google App Beta Teardown reveals more Hands-free content

According to the blog post, this bright look makes it easier to see the useful information like traffic and transit.

“And we’ve improved the typography of street names, points of interest, transit stations, and more to make them more distinguishable from other things on the map, helping you navigate the world with fewer distractions,” added in Blog post.

Well, the ‘areas of interest’ feature allow users to check out the busiest places on the map. You can identify such areas with the colour yes; the routes highlighted in orange colour are areas of interest. You can zoom into the orange lanes to get more information about the area.

14-yr Old Chennai boy ‘Advay Ramesh’ bags Google Community Impact Award

To make a differentiation between the natural features and human-made features, Google Maps Update introduced a subtle colour scheme. So, with the colours, you can quickly identify the places like hospitals, schools, parks, highways, grounds and water on the map.

This update makes it simpler and easy to focus on the relevant information with no mess.  Check out the colour code listed in the above image.

WhatsApp adds New Font in the Recent Update:Check Out How to Use it.

Facebook owned WhatsApp has added a new font style in the current update. This font can be experienced in both the iOS and Android app. This new feature is spotted in the WhatsApp build version 2.16.179 and is available in the next update.It also can be downloaded from the Google Play store. The iOS users have spotted this feature in the beta version and requires some more time to be available for all iOS users.

WhatsApp Launches Desktop App for Mac and Windows

The users of the WhatsApp can able to chat in the different font style after this update. WhatsApp included the font style called FixedSys. This font style can be seen in windows with the same name.

To use this font style the users have to use three backquote symbols before and after the sentence or word. Initially, this hard to use, once you guys are used to this, it will be easy and comfortable.

Example of the new font

If you consider the example, if you want to type TechFactsLive in the FixedSys font, then you have to enter the word TechFactsLive between the “` three back quote symbols. “` TechFactsLive”’, then the font will be changed to FixedSys style. This feature can be clubbed with the other styles like Bold Italic or strikethrough.

WhatsApp To Switch On Video Calling For Android beta Users And An Update Feature For Document Sharing

WhatsApp is bringing new features steadily, and recently the users have spotted the video calling option in the Android beta application. Many users are looking forward to getting this major update from WhatsApp. The document sharing on the WhatsApp web is expected in the future updates. As you all know that the company has recently released the first desktop app for the Windows and OS X.

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