Google App Beta: ‘OK Google’ Driving Commands found in New Google Assistant Settings

Google App Beta is now more hands-free commands that are coming to Google Maps and Android Auto. Google is going into overdrive, getting ready with new features. The app factory is coming up with digital assistant called Google Assistant.

The company teased new features in the latest beta version of the ‘OK Google’ app. the new beta version of the app is making a push to company’s search engine and Artificial Intelligence services on Android. The company is focusing on how Google services interact with Android. It all deal with serving proactive and predictive things, right from Google assistant to voice commands.

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Few hints were showed in the previous build by Google Assistant; there’s a lot more to found in the 6.2 version of the Google beta app. Teardown listed few drop-down options in the code for settings. However, may be added in the final build.

Changes you make here show up across your Google Assistant experience

  • About me
  • Account
  • Activity

Here are things your assistant can do on

  • Music
  • Shopping list
  • Services
  • News
  • Google Cast
  • Daily Brief
  • Google Assistant
  • Connected Home

It seems like a combo of ways user can tweak the information and can search for. Voice action looks like it could have more down the road with different commands and shortcuts.

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Google is planning to rule car dashboard by advance driving notifications in maps using a simple voice command. Android auto is said to be launched in phones this year, so it is available to the user even if a car’s dashboard system doesn’t support it.

Underlying groundwork is shown by the additional code strings hinting how Google Assistant will work in the smart home. The user could assign a phone to cast a particular TV show in the living room TV.


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