Whatsapp, the social messaging platform which doesn’t require any introduction has rolled out a new update exclusively to iPhone users. According to the update, apple or iOS users can now send WhatsApp messages without the Internet connection.

Before this update, iPhone users can’t have the send option to send a message when there’s no internet connection or mobile signal. So they have to go back and sent it when back online. So users have faced many difficulties while traveling on trains and metros.

But now the latest update makes user’s Whatsapp Messages to queued up and can be sent after getting internet connection or signal. While this feature is not yet available for Android users and millions of iOS users will be delighted by hearing this news.

Whatsapp to Bring Video Calling Services to Android, Windows and IOS

“You can now tap and send on messages when you don’t have a connection. Messages will be queued up and sent when your phone regains a connection,” WhatsApp wrote in the description.

All iPhone users with iOS 7 or higher can update their WhatsApp to the newer version 2.17.1 will receive these features. With update size of 91.2MB, it brings some new features like revamped memory usage screen and option to send up to 30 photos or videos at once.

WhatsApp Future Update will let you Edit and Revoke Sent Messages

The newly designed storage usage screen will allow users to manage their phone’s storage by clearing certain message types like photos and videos from specific chats.

In these days Whatsapp is in the news for some fake news like Whatsapp is going to be charging money and Facebook could read WhatsApp messages using a security back door in their system. However, none of them were found true.


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