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Airtel and Vodafone launches e-KYC verification using Aadhaar

After being slapped with huge penalties by TRAI for violating customer verification norms, the telecom companies have taken the KYC formalities seriously.Recently a notification was released by DoT( Department of Telecommunication) for rolling out instant Aadhaar based e-KYC (Know Your Customer) verification for mobile connections.

Following this notification, major telecom companies like Airtel and Vodafone have launched e- KYC services at their stores to help their customers to activate new SIMs instantly with Aadhaar number verification.

Airtel has launched e-KYC service at Delhi NCR, while Vodafone is planning to introduce the facility across India from August 24.

Aadhaar Based e-KYC Verification for instant  SIM card approval

“Customers walking in for a new connection at our stores will walk out talking in just a few minutes. We had partnered with the Department of Telecom (DoT) to pilot the Aadhaar based e-KYC solution and tested it successfully in two circles,” Vodafone India Director Sandeep Kataria said.

Effective Wednesday, August 24, we are rolling it out across the country,” he added.Airtel spokesperson said the facility launched currently at National capital region will be available at all company-operated stores in few days.

Customers preferring verification using e-KYC need to mention their Aadhar number and provide their finger print. This will be enough to activate either pre-paid or post-paid SIM cards.

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This process will reduce the time taken for SIM verification which is long for a document-based process. The e-verification process provides instant verification which will be completed in minutes.

KYC verification for SIM cards has been made mandatory to curb terrorist and kidnapping activities. Recently TRAI has imposed fine of 300.34 Cr and 285.62Cr on Airtel and Vodafone for violating the KYC

TRAI Launches Web Portal to Help Users Check Level Of Call Drops

TRAI My speed portal

On 11th of August, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has started a new portal named as ‘http: //analytics.trai.gov.in’.The web portal is for addressing all the issues regarding call quality and call drops of all the telecom operators operating in the country India.

With the increase in mobile usage from day to day, there is a parallel hike in the number of complaints about the call dropping. TRAI had taken it seriously and had laid the first step to provide user good value for his money.

TRAI Launches the Mobile App for DND Services to Get Rid of Troublesome Calls

This new initiative is meant for providing mobile users with the information about call drop, call quality and network coverage.

During the launch of the web portal, R S Sharma, TRAI Chairman stated that “It is a simple and transparent gateway where mobile users will get data on all parameters of Quality of Services (QoS) including call drops, network coverage or call quality. The data will be accessible in various granularities generally, at a total level and even down to the tower level. Customers, in a given area, can see the quantity of towers around the range, see the call drop rate, and what is the execution of individual service suppliers on various parameters in that area.”

The new website design is so elegant with the usage of good colours. After entering into the portal, you will see three major sections of quality tests from TRAI. MySpeed is the first among the three and Drive Test is the second one, and the third one is Quality of Service (QoS).

With this three sections of quality tests, TRAI is looking forward to implementing more transparent view of the telecommunication companies in India.Of all the three QoS portal plays a significant role in providing information related to the signal strength of the network, call drop rates, the number of network towers in a particular locality and performance of specific network providers in that area.

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So from this time before purchasing a sim card, just visit the portal assess which network would be perfect for the area you are going to stay and select the network.
This portal will be beneficial to both the telecom users as well as the network operators.

Mobile users can track the network and call rate whereas the operators to scrutinise their performance land quality of services. This helps them to improve their service by knowing the issues.

During the Event, Mr Sharma had also announced that TRAI would be soon taking initiative for launching another portal for checking the call quality satisfaction level of the users.

Govt Imposed a Fine of Rs 2,313 Cr on Telecom Companies for Violating Verification Norms

BSNL tops the list of rule breaker telecom companies

The government of India imposed a fine of Rs 2,313 crore on telecom service providers for violating subscriber verification norms. The penalty has been imposed till 31st may 2016.

TRAI has given highest priority to the verification of telecom subscribers.The telecom authority has repeatedly been giving guidelines for subscriber verification, as a mandatory requirement to activate the SIM. In spite of stringent rules, telecom departments continue to break the rules.This time, the authorities has taken it seriously by imposing a Fine.

BSNL Plans to Provide Super Fast 4G Services by Next Financial Year

In response to a query the action taken for violating verification norms by telecom operators, Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha said “For all cases of non-compliant CAFs (Customer Acquisition Form), TERM Cells (Telecom Enforcement, Resource and Monitoring Cell) have taken actions which include imposition of penalty on non-compliant CAFs and filing of complaints/FIRs against apparently forged cases as per guidelines issued from time to time,”

As per the data shared by the minister, shockingly the state-owned BSNL tops the penalty list with Rs 583.09 crore, followed by Rs 377.51 crore on Reliance Communications, Rs 328.15 crore Tata Teleservices, Rs 300.34 crore Airtel, Rs 285.62 crore Vodafone, Rs 218.04 crore Idea Cellular, Rs 108.82 crore Aircel and Rs 53.14 crore on MTS.

Government Brings ‘Twitter Sewa To Address Telecom Users Complaints

• BSNL: Rs 583.09 crore
• Reliance Communications: Rs 377.51 crore
• Tata Teleservices: Rs 328.15 crore
• Airtel: Rs 300.34 crore
• Vodafone: Rs 285.62 crore
• Idea Cellular: Rs 218.04 crore
• Aircel: Rs 108.82 crore
• MTS: Rs 53.14 crore

Unregistered mobile numbers can be a lethal weapon of destruction in cases of terrorism and kidnapping.Authorities cannot trace those sim cards without registration. Hence they are taking the advantage.

Recently Mumbai police exposed a gang which stayed clear of police as they were using SIM cards of UP, which were not verified.Similar issues are creating problems in Meghalaya spreading terror and fear using re-activated SIM cards. Delhi police have asked TRAI to impose a fine on those operators who issue SIM cards without verification.

TRAI Launches the Mobile App for DND Services to Get Rid of Troublesome Calls

TRAI Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has developed the mobile application for the smartphone users to control the DND services.

Many users feel uncomfortable with the unwanted calls regarding the telemarketing and other calls. To avoid this user has to send an SMS from the registered mobile number to 1901. But now TRAI has come up with the new mobile application for Android, which can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

This DND (Do Not Disturb) Services Application let the smartphone users to register with their mobile number. Once the registration is done, the users can avoid the unwanted telemarketing and commercial calls/messages. Once the user is registered in the DND and still able to receive the calls/SMS then the user can complain to the respective Telecom service provider.

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The Application is user-friendly and easily navigated with the options. The users can also verify the registration status and the status of the complaints (Calls/SMS). To utilise some of the features/options in the application the user require the internet connection.

When the User installs this application for the first time, the user mobile number is fetched (depending upon the carrier network, user don’t need to enter the mobile number) by the application.

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The user can able to assign the preferences how he would like to receive the Calls/SMS. Preferences like Educational, Health, Consumer Goods and Automobiles, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs are provided in the application to helping in clarifying the user concerns and for the reference. Finally, the users are set free from the pesky Calls and pesky messages from the telemarketing and other commercial advertisements.

Telecom Dept. India says Mobile Phones must have PANIC BUTTON from 2017

Currently, the application is available only for the Android users and the IOS application for the Apple devices will be soon release, said by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) Chairman R.S. Sharma.

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