BSNL tops the list of rule breaker telecom companies

The government of India imposed a fine of Rs 2,313 crore on telecom service providers for violating subscriber verification norms. The penalty has been imposed till 31st may 2016.

TRAI has given highest priority to the verification of telecom subscribers.The telecom authority has repeatedly been giving guidelines for subscriber verification, as a mandatory requirement to activate the SIM. In spite of stringent rules, telecom departments continue to break the rules.This time, the authorities has taken it seriously by imposing a Fine.

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In response to a query the action taken for violating verification norms by telecom operators, Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha said “For all cases of non-compliant CAFs (Customer Acquisition Form), TERM Cells (Telecom Enforcement, Resource and Monitoring Cell) have taken actions which include imposition of penalty on non-compliant CAFs and filing of complaints/FIRs against apparently forged cases as per guidelines issued from time to time,”

As per the data shared by the minister, shockingly the state-owned BSNL tops the penalty list with Rs 583.09 crore, followed by Rs 377.51 crore on Reliance Communications, Rs 328.15 crore Tata Teleservices, Rs 300.34 crore Airtel, Rs 285.62 crore Vodafone, Rs 218.04 crore Idea Cellular, Rs 108.82 crore Aircel and Rs 53.14 crore on MTS.

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• BSNL: Rs 583.09 crore
• Reliance Communications: Rs 377.51 crore
• Tata Teleservices: Rs 328.15 crore
• Airtel: Rs 300.34 crore
• Vodafone: Rs 285.62 crore
• Idea Cellular: Rs 218.04 crore
• Aircel: Rs 108.82 crore
• MTS: Rs 53.14 crore

Unregistered mobile numbers can be a lethal weapon of destruction in cases of terrorism and kidnapping.Authorities cannot trace those sim cards without registration. Hence they are taking the advantage.

Recently Mumbai police exposed a gang which stayed clear of police as they were using SIM cards of UP, which were not verified.Similar issues are creating problems in Meghalaya spreading terror and fear using re-activated SIM cards. Delhi police have asked TRAI to impose a fine on those operators who issue SIM cards without verification.


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