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Airtel, Vodafone, Idea fined upto Rs.3,050 crores by TRAI

Airtel, Vodafone, Idea fined upto Rs.3,050 crores by TRAI

Reliance to expand its space in the market has announced Jio with a bundle of offers. Though they are very much pretty offers for the customer and the RCOM, they have became heavy to bear for other service providers in India.

Jio offers 4G Data calling named as “VoLTE”. It is offered for free to any network. Here lies the main problem. For providing this service between the different networks sufficient Points-of-Interconnection (PoI) should be set up. This is a huge investment based program for the other telecom operators. Hence, they did not do so.

The lack of PoI has made the VoLTE calling a failure for Reliance Jio. When a Reliance caller makes a Data call, the customer is facing either low quality or call drops problem.

RCom Launches MoviNet Plan for Prepaid and Postpaid Users

In this regard, RCOM has complained against Bharati AirTel, Vodafone India, Idea Cellular for deliberately neglecting the set up of PoIs, to India’s telecom regulator Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

On hearing the arguments from all the providers, TRAI decided to recommend Department of Telecommunication (DOT) to levy a penalty of approximately Rs. 3,050 crore for AirTel, Vodafone India and Idea Cellular. This amount is a combined total for all the three.

AirTel and Vodafone has been penalized in about 21 circles of telecom services provided. AirTel has to pay 50 crores per circle which comes to Rs.1,050 crores. The same is the case with the Vodafone case. Idea cellular has been penalized in 19 circles. It amounted to Rs.950 crores.

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This is officially conveyed to the respective service providers in writing. The letter issued by TRAI also stated that though there is a law to cancel the licenses, keeping in view of customer’s inconvenience, only penalty have been levied.

‘Internet Telephony Faces Threat’ By Telecom Operators

Internet Telephony

Bhavin Turakhia, serial entrepreneur, expressed that the Telecom partners in the country are ‘unenthusiastic’ in adoption or driving towards innovation. Internet Telephony is not competitive in providing service to users by the service providers.

Turakhia, co-founder of Directi Group a USD 1.4- billion company also added that the “Internet Telephony” is under major threat from the telecom players in India.

Users can make calls to any phone number using the web through #InternetTelephony.

In a statement of Turakhia, “Incumbent providers like Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, etc., are very slow or unwilling to reduce costs and drive innovation. Allegedly, incumbent operators are claiming that only the telecom carrier that provides a data connection to the subscriber should be allowed to offer Internet telephony to that subscriber over their internet connection,”

Pay Bills without Internet Connection by Using Sound Based Technology

“ Internet Telephony enables customers to make calls at 1/3rd the current calling rates and also provides numerous benefits such as the ability to make calls over Wi-Fi in bad signals areas, 90% cheaper international calling with HD voice and with innovations like simultaneous data transmission, video calls and much more,”

Internet Telephony should be implemented long back when it is introduced. At that time there was no awareness among the users of this technology. Besides there was a lack of technical advancement by the people. Telecom operators had penetrated into the Telecommunications system very deeply, putting peripheral the Internet Telephony.

Now re-introduction of the Internet Telephony to the Subscribers would be a threat to the teleoperators pushing them to many complications, such as lowering revenue.

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On the other hand, Turakhia expresses his view for developing and adoption of this internet telephony. As it results in the innovation and a change to the users. The reports submitted by Turakhia, on the Internet Telephone, disagreed by TRAI.

With iSPIRIT, Turakhia launched a campaign named ‘Free Your Voice’. The campaign launched to counter stand against the telecom operators for the response on the reports dated June 22, 2016.

Sudhir Singh, who belongs to iSPIRIT says that the Government must ‘Unshackle’ some of the permits and restricted principles.

He added “Leaving internet telephony only to the large incumbent telecoms will not be in the interest of the consumer. The regulator should fit in the entry of some small and medium size players, also. This will help innovation and micro and small businesses and availability of variety of niche services,”

Anonymous Report: Is Reliance Jio Really Selling the Customer Data for Revenue Generation to Compensate the Discount Rates Offered

Reliance Jio SIM

Does Reliance Jio Selling Data to US and Singapore for Revenue Generation 

Reliance Jio is in the news for quite some time in a good sense. But the sudden news that erupted now seem to be not so goodwill increasing one for the company. Reliance Jio has now blamed as the seller of the most confidential data of its customers.

This is something not so good for the company as well as the customers. TRAI issued many rules and regulations related to customers data available with the company.

RelianceJio Effect Vodafone 4G Data Postpaid Tariffs Slashed

The customer details should keep more secret and secured as they are personal. But the data is crucial for the advertising companies. Hence, they buy this personal data from the telecom companies.

Though this is a revenue generating aspect of the telecom company, the Telecom Authority of India has set some guidelines to protect the interests of customers. Now, Reliance Jio has been blamed for selling the customer’s data breaking the guidelines of TRAI.

RJio 4G SIM Card May Soon Delivered To Your Home

An Ad firm name has called in the news recently. Mad-me is the name of the company. A activists group reveals this. It has also alleged the company that apart from the mentioned firm name, various other ad agencies and firms have been provided with the data. US and Singapore companies are the primary purchasers of this data from Reliance.

On the other hand, Reliance Jio has condemned the news of selling data. But this has to be taken on a serious note as the data is related to personal details of the customer.

Earlier, Reliance Jio has announced the world’s cheapest data rates that shook the entire telecom world in India. But the latest news that has erupted seem to be real as the company may need to compensate the income loss while providing the low rates.

Source: Trak.in

COAI Battle on Interconnecting Issues with Reliance Jio, TRAI Calls for Peace Meeting

coai battle

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) called all the operators in India for a meeting last Friday and on this Monday to sort out the issues. Reliance Jio and COAI battle may affect the mobile users in a negative aspect.

Reliance Jio is hitting the headlines from the day of its launch. Now, the latest topic is the war between RIL on one side and all other telecom operators on the other side.

TRAI will come out with a Solution on Auto Play Video Advertisements on Internet

Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) director general Rajan Mathews said the GSM industry body would have “no role” in Reliance Jio Infocomm’s upcoming bilateral talks with incumbent carriers for additional points of interconnection (PoIs).

“Interconnect is a bilateral, commercial matter, and the COAI has no role to play in it,” Mathews told a news official on Monday.

“In view of the above, the statement of Director General, COAI, in electronic media alleging that he was not allowed by Trai to participate in the said meeting at the behest of Reliance Jio is to say the least patently wrong, mischievous and perhaps made with a malafide intention.

TRAI Launches the Mobile App for DND Services to Get Rid of Troublesome Calls

Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance Jio and Cellular Operator’s Association of India (COAI) are the members to attend the meeting today under the chairmanship of TRAI’s secretary Sudhir Gupta.

Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and TRAI have some serious differences over some of the issues related to competition and regulatory concerns which in turn gave a chance for Reliance Jio to complain against Airtel, Vodafone, and other telecom operators.

The meeting has gained significance as there exists a technical point called “Points of interconnecting.” As Reliance Jio is offering free calls over VoLTE for all its users irrespective of the network this technical obligation has a vital role to play.

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When a Reliance user makes a call from Reliance network to another network (both VoLTE and regular voice calls) it has to direct through physical Points of Interconnect. Now, the problem lies in providing these Points of interconnections by Airtel, Vodafone, and other COAI members.

Other than RIL, all others claim that they financially and physically cannot provide the interconnect points. Reliance Jio’s offer of free voice calls has placed a heavy traffic on other telecom operator’s networks and interconnected points.

TRAI Launches Web Portal to Help Users Check Level Of Call Drops

To handle the load, they need to provide new points of interconnect firstly. Unrevealed aspect at this meeting also specifies about the revenues that are lost by these operators due to JIO’s plans and the benefits that RIL will be enjoying.

One has to wait till Monday as the TRAI chairman R S Sharma will be back from his foreign tour. A final consensus may be arrived at least on this Monday i.e yesterday.

TRAI will come out with a Solution on Auto Play Video Advertisements on Internet

TRAI auto-play video ads

Trai Chairman RS Sharma is going to take action step on Auto Play Video Advertisements that consume a lot of data. The auto-play video ads will also consume more Internet data where people are mostly unaware of it.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has taken this issue into consideration and will take a necessary step on these video ads that automatically play.

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TRAI Chairman RS Sharma called it as a serious problem and said that he is concerned with the automatic download which is consuming data from internet packs. “TRAI officials are working on this, but I think we should work at a much more furious rate. We will be able to come up with some response quickly,” he said.

He also stated that recently, all the network carriers such as Vodafone India, Idea, Bharti Airtel and Reliance increases Internet speed. So the rate of consumption of data will also more with such auto-playing video ads.

BSNL Unlimited Free Calls on Sundays will effect from 21 August

It noted that unwanted video download automatically which consume too many data.  A survey found that around 43 percent of consumers were unaware that clicking on video ads will consume more Internet data. A study also found that around 122 million people use ad blocker feature to browse the internet to avoid interruption in surfing.

Social Networking Site Facebook also plays auto-playing videos, but it has an option to disable auto play mode which is further come up with Facebook Live is now available for all iOS and Android devices.

Facebook Live arrived for All Android Users: Fb Live Video App Update

So, TRAI chairman RS Sharma is planning to come up with a solution. Sharma also told that TRAI is ready to work with any tech company, who will bring a solution to the affected cause of auto-play video ads.

“Trai officials are working on this, but I think we should work at a much more furious rate. We will be able to come up with some response quickly,” Sharma said.

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