Vodafone, India’s second largest mobile network had launched a new mobile application named Vodafone U for its prepaid users in India. Keeping the needs of the modern age people in mind the company had designed some plans which can be used through the mobile application.

The new product features three plans namely U small, U medium and U large differently for both existing and new prepaid users. One of the basic advantages of this plan are users can add up to three of their Vodafone personal users as buddies and the tariff for those numbers would be just 20ps per minute.

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As per the chosen plan either 3G or 4G data is allotted and in case the user ran out of data, extra data of 60 MB would be credited on user request valid for two days at Rs.20/-. The company is also providing an inauguration offer of unlimited music downloads from Vodafone music app for two months. The plan also gives some amount of additional data exclusively for usage between 12 am to 6 am.

During the launch of the firm’s new plan Sandeep Kataria, Director – Commercial, Vodafone India, stated “India’s 200 million strong youth are optimistic, vocal, trendsetting and very social media savvy. Brought up in an ever connecting world courtesy the mobile revolution, today’s youth is extremely comfortable with technology. The cell phone plays a central role in their life, both as a command centre as well as a companion. Vodafone ‘U’ is thus designed to facilitate better, this unique relationship between the youth and their mobile in a seamless and enriching way.”

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Consumer Marketing of Vodafone India Arvind Nevatia stated that “We have combined the best of Vodafone’s global experience with thorough understanding of India to resonate #FunwithU. On offer is a bundle of benefits that will keep the young patrons of Vodafone ‘U’ always connected with friends and fun via the world of internet, voice, music plus exciting digital offers and experiences. Fun is always on for the young as their world of interest, residing in their pocket, will be active, 24X7

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The new Vodafone U plan enables users to enjoy lots of Internet, fewer tariff Calls, unlimited music (for two months), and a lot more. The latest youth-oriented product was made available to all the regions of India and the prices for the plans may vary from region to region.


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