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Mobile Number Portability: TRAI proposed easier process for MNP

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has proposed an easy method to carry on with Mobile number portability (MNP). Mobile number portability is considered to an important and excellent feature provided to the customer to retain their mobile number when changing from current network to another network carrier.

The freedom of changing the carrier option is already available, but according to the TRAI report, 40 percent of MNP request fails because of manual data submission. TRAI has made it clear that they want the MNP process to be more comfortable to the customer so that they will have an autonomous decision of shifting network.

Proposed process of porting network:

At present MNP process is like your current network is N1 and wants to change it to Network N2. N1 sends a Unique Porting Code (UPC) to your mobile. You need to send the UPC as a request to N2. Then N2 accepts the request and porting will be successful. But as the request sending process is manual, due to typing mistakes and other mismatches porting fails.

To make this process easier TRAI proposed that Unique Porting Code (UPC) sending will be done automatically. The donor operator will now send the UPC to an MNP Clearing House. At the time of Porting, the receiving operator will have to send a request to the MNP Clearing House for verifying UPC.

TRAI Tightens call drop regulations, charges high penalty up to 10 lakh for Call drops

Now the verification process will be done automatically, and rejection process will drop down. This will result in the user-friendly approach.  All the other relevant and required information will be sent to MNP clearing house directly, and port will be carried out smoothly.

TRAI informed, “The draft amendment also proposes to make provision to transmit the relevant information viz. date of the bill, amount outstanding, the last date of payment, date of the notice and period of notice given to the subscriber by Donor Operator through the MNP Clearing House.”

Users and the general public are requested to send in their feedbacks at advmn@trai.gov.in with a copy to trai.mn@gmail.com on/before August 31, 2017, related to the MNP reformation proposal by TRAI.

TRAI Tightens call drop regulations, charges high penalty up to 10 lakh for Call drops

One of the most irritating issues in today’s connected world are call drops, which don’t let the customers have an uninterrupted conversation through a handset over any network. On Friday, TRAI decided to charge substantial penalties for call drop and also imposes strict guidelines with a penalty up to 10 lakh on companies. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is the central regulator of telecommunication services and tariff in India.

Now, the Companies have to pay the penalty if they fail to meet the standards for three consecutive quarters. Changing the measurement levels from circle level to tower, TRAI increases the penalty from 1 lakh to maximum 5 lakh on the violation. TRAI issues regulations on various subjects like internet connections, Call drop, tariffs, Direct to home (DTH) services and mobile number portability. Under the previous Quality of Service rule, the penalty on drop out was 50,000.

TRAI to Check Predatory Pricing and Unveil a New Policy 

The secretary of TRAI, S K Gupta said that the regulator has measured Call Drop Rate (CDR) in more granular from circle level to mobile towers. The previous regulation allows call drops up to 2% on an average in a circle.

TRAI imposes three new rules for calculating call drops:

  • The call drop should not exceed 2% for 90% of telecom towers for an operator for 90 days in a circle.
  • In the worst case at busy hours, 9o% of the towers in a circle should not have a call drop rate of more than 3% for 97% of the time.
  • The regulators should keep a record of Radio Link Timeout (RLT) of more than 48 hours for more than three days. Telecom operators use RLT for managing calls and masking call drop.

The telecom operators said in a statement that, TRAI should not blame the operators itself as they are many other factors involved. The remaining factors include many users using the network at a time, subscribers being indoor or outdoor and issues with handset could also be the reason for call drops.

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Now You Can Rate The Call Quality of Your Phone Calls with TRAI’s MyCall app

Telecom Regulator Authority of India launches a new app called MyCall on Monday. This app allows mobile users to rate the quality of their calls. TRAI is also upgrading the “Do Not Disturb” and “MySpeed” apps for users.

“The application will help mobile phone users rate their experience about voice call quality in real-time and help Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) gather customer experience data along with network data,” Trai said in a statement.

A pop-up will appear after the end of the call and request the user to rate the quality of the call. The caller will have to rate in the form of stars whether he made the call indoor, outdoor or while traveling.

The caller has the chance to made complaint on additional details like noise, audio delay and marks a call drop, if they believe that is how the call got terminated.

Idea and Vodafone India Merges to Make India’s Largest Telecom Entity

Telecom Regulator Authority of India has upgraded its “Do Not Disturb” app by adding latest features like intelligent spam detection engine and action taken on complaints within the app.

MySpeed app is also rolling out the new update that allows users to measure 3G/4G data speeds and send the report to the regulator. At present, this app is free to download and use and doesn’t showing any in-app advertisements as well.

TRAI chairman RS Sharma said,”We think crowd sourcing is the best way to get customer feedback, better and cost effective than surveys or other studies, and we’ve tried to leverage this technology tool in the past for bringing out the true picture of the impact of the services.”

And he also added, “We’re trying to improve the collection methodology where Trai will pick up the data charges for providing the feedback to the regulator.”

TRAI mentioned it going to take strict measures on call drop, and together with the government has kept a close watch on call quality through initiatives like drive tests and automated call system.

Reliance Jio Summer Surprise offer ends as per the TRAI orders

Reliance Jio has reportedly withdrawn its Jio Summer Surprise offer after six days of its announcement. The offer provides free 4G data, SMS and app subscriptions for next three months. TRAI has advised the youngest telecom in the country to withdraw the benefits under Summer Surprise offer. However, Jio Prime membership plans which were announced earlier remains unchanged.

Reliance Jio Offer: JioFi Device for Just Rs.499/- Exchange your Old 3G/4G Dongle

Jio Prime membership will be available until April 15, and users can enroll for it before it expires. The only new change comes into effect after TRAI announcement is the user will not get free 3 months on complimentary basis. Customers who enrolled for Jio Prime membership bundled with Rs.303 plan or more can avail all the benefits of the plan.

Reliance Jio laptop rumored to be launched with dedicated 4G SIM slot

“Today, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has advised Jio to withdraw the three months’ complimentary benefits of Jio Summer Surprise. Jio accepts this decision. Jio is in the process and will be withdrawing the three months complimentary benefits of Jio Summer Surprise as soon as operationally feasible, over the next few days,” the company said in a statement.

Jio has announced the Welcome offer and Happy New Year offers which majorly affected all other players in the industry. Jio Prime service valid for one year provides the same benefits with paid monthly plans starting at Rs. 303. Now, with the withdrawal of Jio Summer Surprise offer, users should start paying for usage.

Idea Introduces Data Jackpot Offer: Gives 10GB Data for Postpaid Users at Rs 100

Recently, the telecom operator has announced that 72 million of 100 million subscribers have enrolled for Jio prime. On the other hand, other players like Bharti Airtel, Idea and Vodafone has got a sign of relief from the aggressive pricing of Reliance Jio. However, other telecoms are also offering very competitive prices.

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TRAI to Stop Building Owners Exclusive Pacts with Telcos

To stop restrictive practices adopted by building owners who gave preference to a particular telecom network, TRAI recommended exclusive contracts. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, prohibit access to other services treated as a violation regarding licence norms.

“Indulgence into exclusive contract preventing access to other Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) may treat the breach of the licence agreement,” TRAI said in its latest recommendation on ‘In-Building Access by Telecom Service Providers’.

Reliance Jio Happy New Year offer: Jio’s Explanation to TRAI’s Notice

TRAI also suggested the TSPs and other infrastructure providers to be mandated to share in-building infrastructure with other Telecom Service Providers. The officials said that the restrictive practices adopted by the building owners for giving TSPs had necessitated policy intervention.

“Such practices not only limit competition, but it also leaves no choice to consumers without made avail services from the TSP with whom the contract made,” TRAI said justifying the need for bringing out particular recommendations in this regard.

It also added, “The essential requirement for telecom installations and the associated cabling should form part of National Building Code of India (NBC), amended by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).”

TRAI Asks Reliance Jio, Why Happy New Year Offer is Different from Welcome Offer

The completion certificate to a building should granted only after ensuring the CTI as per the prescribed standards. To install telecom infrastructure or to lay cables, TSPs and infrastructure providers have to require permission from the owner of the building. And then they have to pay mentioned amount for the access of premises.

TRAI announced the need was felt for policy invasion and to obtain sufficient access to reasonable terms and conditions.

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