To stop restrictive practices adopted by building owners who gave preference to a particular telecom network, TRAI recommended exclusive contracts. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, prohibit access to other services treated as a violation regarding licence norms.

“Indulgence into exclusive contract preventing access to other Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) may treat the breach of the licence agreement,” TRAI said in its latest recommendation on ‘In-Building Access by Telecom Service Providers’.

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TRAI also suggested the TSPs and other infrastructure providers to be mandated to share in-building infrastructure with other Telecom Service Providers. The officials said that the restrictive practices adopted by the building owners for giving TSPs had necessitated policy intervention.

“Such practices not only limit competition, but it also leaves no choice to consumers without made avail services from the TSP with whom the contract made,” TRAI said justifying the need for bringing out particular recommendations in this regard.

It also added, “The essential requirement for telecom installations and the associated cabling should form part of National Building Code of India (NBC), amended by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).”

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The completion certificate to a building should granted only after ensuring the CTI as per the prescribed standards. To install telecom infrastructure or to lay cables, TSPs and infrastructure providers have to require permission from the owner of the building. And then they have to pay mentioned amount for the access of premises.

TRAI announced the need was felt for policy invasion and to obtain sufficient access to reasonable terms and conditions.


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