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Nokia 3310 (2017) launched in India at Rs. 3310: Check Price, Availability and more

Nokia 3310 (2017):Ever since the announcement of the Nokia comeback, Nokia 3310(2017) has become a much-anticipated phone. Now, the nostalgic feature phone arrives India under HMD Global, the company which now owns Nokia. The company has announced the sale of the legendary feature phone offline.

Earlier reports constantly stated that the Nokia 3310 launch would be ahead of its Android Phones. Nokia has confirmed that the mobile will be launched in India at a “recommended price” of Rs. 3,310. Nokia 3310(2017) will be tipped out in Yellow and Warm Red, both with a gloss finish, and Dark Blue and Grey, both with a matte finish.

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New Nokia 3310 comes with a refreshing design with the sturdy build iconic original 3310. The company claims new curved screen provides better readability in sunlight. Besides that, the phone flaunts new push buttons and new UI which resembles original.Nokia 3310 offers standby up to a month which stands as the highlight of the device. The latest feature phone ditches the pin charger and comes with a Micro-USB port.

Nokia 3310 features a 2.4-inch QVGA color display with 240×320 pixels resolution. The device comes with 16MB storage which can be expanded up to 32GB. There is a 2MP camera provided with LED flash on the back. A 1200 mAh battery backs the device and offers talk-time up to 22 hours. Above all, Noki 3310 brings back the classic snake game in a new optimized color screen.

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“Talk all day on a single charge, send texts, take pictures and enjoy a pocket jukebox with a built-in FM Radio and MP3 player. Our reinvention of this classic design is sure to make you smile. It’s got everything you remember, but with a modern twist. So whether you’re after a feature phone that offers amazing battery life in a head-turning design or a companion phone, the Nokia 3310 won’t let you down.” Says, Ajey Mehta, VP India, HMD Global.

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Nokia 3310 Unveiled: 5 Features which makes Nokia 3310 better than your old Nokia Phone

Nokia 3310 phone

The icon mobile phone Nokia 3310 is back with a refreshed look. Recalling the initial days of a mobile phone entering into the Indian market, Nokia 3310 is a huge success back then. HMD global which now owns the rights to sell all types of “Nokia” branded phones has re-launched the Nokia 3310 phone. There is a lot of buzz on the phone and the recent past and leaks and rumors are viral as well.

Now, the manufacturer has officially unveiled the phone at the MWC 2017 in Barcelona. The new Nokia 3310 feature phone borrows most of its design que’s from the older one.However, retaining the design alone grabs the attention of all the Nokia loyalists out there.

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Well, there are more to discuss the nostalgia moments and memes happening on the phone. Besides that, this modern classic gets you some impressive features which you love to see it on a Nokia feature phone.

Here we provide you five key features which make the new Nokia 3310 better than the good old Nokia phone:

Color display:

Modern Nokia 3310 is been updated with an elegant color screen. The 2.4 inch display screen comes with a pixel density of 120 ppi. Perhaps, 3310 may turn any heads with the display but does provide an adequate one. The polarized and curved screen window provides a better readability even in sunlight.


It’s often that we missed a basic camera in the old basic feature phone. Regardless of the cameras which we get in the smartphones, it’s great to have a contact picture at least. Nokia 3310 packs a 2-megapixel rear camera with an LED flash. HMD Global says that the camera performs well for simple snaps.

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Nostalgic Snake Game:

Remember that snake game in calculator-like alphanumerical screen? And now, this addictive game is back on Nokia 3310 in color version. Interestingly, the new color display enhances the simple 2D game with the multicolored art style. So, enjoy the latest snake game experience replacing the old monochrome look.


Despite all the latest features what we get in the latest smartphone, the battery issue is inevitable in all cases. On this note, new Nokia 3310 brings you great battery. The phone gets a massive battery life which provides 22 hours of talk time. “Remember when you could leave the house without a charger?” says the product’s official site.


Besides it appeal and design, Nokia 3310 retains its previous price as well. The new phone is priced at 49 euros in Europe, Which hints Nokia 3310 price in India falls around Rs 3450. However, prices in other regions are also expected to be in the same price bracket.

Nokia 3310 the Iconic, Unbreakable Phone is Coming Back

Everyone knows Nokia 3310 which was the first mobile for most of them. Through its unbreakable body and super-long battery life made the 3310 model one of the most loved phones. According to the reports, the Nokia 3310 is expected to re-launch at 2017 MWC (Mobile World Congress) Barcelona on 26th February 2017.

The phone that originally released in the year 2000 and sold out hugely in many ways beginning the modern age of mobiles. Almost 17 years after it launched the company planning to relaunch the Nokia 3310. The handset reportedly costs €59 (approx Rs. 4,200) and will be marketed with its traditional long-lasting battery and indestructible body.

Nokia Phone saves the life of a Man like a Bullet Proof

Nokia hasn’t manufactured the phone in recent years, but there is a still fondness for the device. And it remains to be sold by the third-party retailers like eBay and Amazon Marketplace. At the 2017 MWC event, the company plans to release another three Nokia-branded phones.

It expected that Nokia 3, 5 and 6 would run on Android 7.0 and the price range will begin from €150 to €250 as per the reports. However, all these phones with Nokia mark aren’t actually from the company that originally released Nokia 3310, N95 and the N-Gage. Hence, the company HMD Global in deals with Nokia to sell the phones.

Nokia 3310 couldn’t even break even if we tried. Now, most of all the smartphones coming with Gorilla Glasses in terms of screen protection. Users can store up to ten reminders and can choose which messages to delete in the 3310 handsets. It comes with four games namely, Space Impact, Snake II, Paris II and Bantumi.

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The company struggled to bring the smartphone era and ended up the service being sold to Microsoft. But since from then, the Nokia targeted on success by making new versions of old phones.

Nokia Phone saves the life of a Man like a Bullet Proof

A phone saves the life of a man from a bullet fired. This is something unorthodox statement to hear or read. After reading the few incidents that took place around the globe, one can come to the conclusion whether it is orthodox or unorthodox statement.

In a recent that happened in Afghanistan proves this statement to be true. A man was shot by a bullet. But he survived because of the Nokia 3310 model phone. In this era of smart phones, many jokes were cracked on social media regarding the usage of those model phones. But the same model has proved to be a life saver. The model was released in 2013.

Looking into the details, a man was shot in Afghanistan but the bullet hit the phone and got struck into the device itself. This has made the bullet stop from entering his chest. The images are made available in support of the news.

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This image is posted on the social media site. Interestingly the image is shared by Peter Skillman who was a part in designing mobile. He is presently the general manager at Microsoft for user experience in Windows Desktop.

Taking this opputunity, there are other incidents that came to limelight. smart phones like the Nokia Lumia 520 and Huawei P8 Lite were also in this catagory of catching bullets. Nokia Lumia 520 saved a police man’s life in Brazil.

HTC smart phone saved a man in Florida way back in 2013. The incident was also something interesting. A robber fired a bullet in his abdomen the smart phone saved it from puncturing that part of the body.

In another incident Samsung smart phone saved a man’s life in Paris attacks that happened last year. Anyhow, recently the Note 7 battery issue was gained more popularity than the life saving news.

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