Everyone knows Nokia 3310 which was the first mobile for most of them. Through its unbreakable body and super-long battery life made the 3310 model one of the most loved phones. According to the reports, the Nokia 3310 is expected to re-launch at 2017 MWC (Mobile World Congress) Barcelona on 26th February 2017.

The phone that originally released in the year 2000 and sold out hugely in many ways beginning the modern age of mobiles. Almost 17 years after it launched the company planning to relaunch the Nokia 3310. The handset reportedly costs €59 (approx Rs. 4,200) and will be marketed with its traditional long-lasting battery and indestructible body.

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Nokia hasn’t manufactured the phone in recent years, but there is a still fondness for the device. And it remains to be sold by the third-party retailers like eBay and Amazon Marketplace. At the 2017 MWC event, the company plans to release another three Nokia-branded phones.

It expected that Nokia 3, 5 and 6 would run on Android 7.0 and the price range will begin from €150 to €250 as per the reports. However, all these phones with Nokia mark aren’t actually from the company that originally released Nokia 3310, N95 and the N-Gage. Hence, the company HMD Global in deals with Nokia to sell the phones.

Nokia 3310 couldn’t even break even if we tried. Now, most of all the smartphones coming with Gorilla Glasses in terms of screen protection. Users can store up to ten reminders and can choose which messages to delete in the 3310 handsets. It comes with four games namely, Space Impact, Snake II, Paris II and Bantumi.

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The company struggled to bring the smartphone era and ended up the service being sold to Microsoft. But since from then, the Nokia targeted on success by making new versions of old phones.


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