Nokia 3310 phone

The icon mobile phone Nokia 3310 is back with a refreshed look. Recalling the initial days of a mobile phone entering into the Indian market, Nokia 3310 is a huge success back then. HMD global which now owns the rights to sell all types of “Nokia” branded phones has re-launched the Nokia 3310 phone. There is a lot of buzz on the phone and the recent past and leaks and rumors are viral as well.

Now, the manufacturer has officially unveiled the phone at the MWC 2017 in Barcelona. The new Nokia 3310 feature phone borrows most of its design que’s from the older one.However, retaining the design alone grabs the attention of all the Nokia loyalists out there.

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Well, there are more to discuss the nostalgia moments and memes happening on the phone. Besides that, this modern classic gets you some impressive features which you love to see it on a Nokia feature phone.

Here we provide you five key features which make the new Nokia 3310 better than the good old Nokia phone:

Color display:

Modern Nokia 3310 is been updated with an elegant color screen. The 2.4 inch display screen comes with a pixel density of 120 ppi. Perhaps, 3310 may turn any heads with the display but does provide an adequate one. The polarized and curved screen window provides a better readability even in sunlight.


It’s often that we missed a basic camera in the old basic feature phone. Regardless of the cameras which we get in the smartphones, it’s great to have a contact picture at least. Nokia 3310 packs a 2-megapixel rear camera with an LED flash. HMD Global says that the camera performs well for simple snaps.

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Nostalgic Snake Game:

Remember that snake game in calculator-like alphanumerical screen? And now, this addictive game is back on Nokia 3310 in color version. Interestingly, the new color display enhances the simple 2D game with the multicolored art style. So, enjoy the latest snake game experience replacing the old monochrome look.


Despite all the latest features what we get in the latest smartphone, the battery issue is inevitable in all cases. On this note, new Nokia 3310 brings you great battery. The phone gets a massive battery life which provides 22 hours of talk time. “Remember when you could leave the house without a charger?” says the product’s official site.


Besides it appeal and design, Nokia 3310 retains its previous price as well. The new phone is priced at 49 euros in Europe, Which hints Nokia 3310 price in India falls around Rs 3450. However, prices in other regions are also expected to be in the same price bracket.


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