Now you can Add a Contact Directly on Facebook Messenger Without Adding as Friends

Messenger lets you add contacts without being friends on Facebook

Facebook is now testing the new feature on their Messenger platform. As per the sources, the new feature is included in the Messenger app, the users can add the contacts on Messenger, even they are not friends on the Facebook.  This latest update on the Facebook Messenger helps the users to connect each other through the app without actually adding them on the Facebook.

View the preview of the Messenger Update to add the contact on the messenger.

add the contact on the messenger

Fb Messenger is lagging behind the Facebook when monthly active users are compared. Facebook has monthly active user count of 1.7 billion which is rapidly growing than the main product. This will increase the importance for the company now with the original sharing of the Facebook proper and their ad load nearing capacity.

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In the month of April CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg was clear about the significance of the Messenger to his business. Mark says, “A lot of people want to share messages privately, one-on-one or with very small groups.”

With the growth of the messenger, Facebook is now particularly thinking about how this will help in developing the app into their ecosystem and released in some respects to the Big Blue App. The latest update of the “Add Contact” request is another tool for accomplishing the things.

Facebook Messenger to get “secret conversations” encryption tool later this summer

The advantage with this latest update of the Facebook Messenger is that the users can sign up for messenger by just adding their mobile numbers. Facebook has introduced this feature almost after a year for the users who did not have the Facebook account to join the Messenger.

Facebook won’t simply test something without any intension or planning to implement in the final release. So stay tuned for the latest updates regarding the messenger. We will update the information once the release details and updates are out with more details on it.

Mark Zuckerberg keeps up the Promise by Selling $95 Million of Stocks for Charity

Mark Zuckerberg sells facebook stocks worth $95 million for family’s philanthropic initiative

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made his first big share sale after becoming a father. He sold stocks of social networking site Facebook to fund his family’s philanthropic initiative.

According to sources, The Chan Zuckerberg Foundation and CZI Holdings LLC sold Facebook shares worth $95 million. The price of the shares ranged from $122.85 to $124.31.

The couple has plans to give more than $1 billion worth shares for the organisation every year.

Mark Zuckerberg keeps Gawker-bankrupting Billionaire, Peter Thiel on Facebook’s Board

“ Chan Zuckerberg Initiative” was declared by the couple Mr Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan when they became parents of girl child Maxima Chan Zuckerberg. They said that the foundation would be focusing on “personalised learning, curing disease, connecting people and building strong communities.”

Last December the couple pledged that they would give 99% of the shares of Facebook to charity during their lifetime.

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“We will give 99 per cent of our Facebook shares during our lives to advance this mission. We know this is a small contribution compared to all the resources and talents of those already working on these issues. But we want to do what we can, working alongside many others,” the couple wrote on Facebook. Currently, Facebook has more than 1.7 billion active users.

Facebook Plans Commercial launch of its new Express WIFI in India

Facebook Express WIFI

Social network giant Facebook launches its Express WIFI internet service in India. Targeting rural areas, Facebook initially started the program Express WIFI This new program serves users of under served locations to avail paid data from local internet service providers. A pilot version of the program currently releases 125 WIFI hotspots in the country partnering with state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited.

Facebook provides software for entrepreneurs and local ISPs to provide Internet service in rural areas. This helps local entrepreneurs to make steady income by providing a quality of internet service to their neighbors.

Facebook is Trying Hard for reducing Clickbait in the news feed

After U.S in the first place, India stood as second largest market for Facebook with a majority of 133 million users via mobile. The company is planning to start its global internet-serving ambitions from India. The main problem persists with the lack of country’s adoptive nature for the social network’s advances.

Earlier in January, Facebook suffered a huge setback with Free Basics which offers free mobile internet access for selected websites. Government noted net neutrality principles as a decisive factor in its ruining and was banned by India’s telecom regulator.

“While we’re disappointed with the decision, I want to personally communicate that we are committed to keep working to break down barriers to connectivity in India, We will keep working until everyone has access to the Internet.” stated Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the time.

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Facebook is hoping that the users who first encounter the web via FB initiative would be likely to become users of the social network- rather than a competitor.”In emerging economies, Facebook is pursuing an intervention strategy to increase the pace of internet and online usage because this will also raise the addressable market for Facebook,” says Ian Fogg, an analyst at IHS Technology.

Facebook’s new ‘Birthday Recap Video’ Makes Your Day More Delightful

Facebook Now Makes Your Birthday Special with New Video Recap

Facebook is the favourite social networking site which reminds the birthdays of the friends and family members. We love it as it makes our special day even more special and memorable with wishes. Recently, in the month of February, Facebook has launched Friendship videos that gained huge popularity. And then it added a slideshow tool making its 1.7 billion active users go crazy about the videos.

Now, the company is rolling new Birthday recap videos which include the top photos and text greetings that appear on your Facebook wall. The 45-second video clip puts all the birthday wishes and images in a colourful birthday cake.

Facebook Messenger to get “secret conversations” encryption tool later this summer

The birthday cake opens to show up the posts or wishes you received, and the Facebook user is allowed to adjust some parts of the video clip before posting it the world. This new feature automatically pops up when the birthday boy or girl whose birthday info appears on the profile receives three or above text wishes or greetings on the wall.

The only social networking site which is helping to remember most our friends birthdays is putting significant efforts to our birthday awesome. Earlier this year, the networking giant has launched a Birthday Cam feature which allows users to send videos instead of boring happy birthday text messages or posts. This shows that the company firmly believes that the future is all in videos.

Facebook now owns three apps with more than 1 billion users

The company introduces the new feature just after celebrating the success of $2.05 billion profit in past quarter. Facebook recorded 59 percent growth whereas Twitter had 3 percent increase in users and 20 percent growth in revenue. The founder and CEO, Mark said, “Our community and business had another good quarter.” “We’re particularly pleased with our progress in video as we move towards the world where video is at the heart of all our services,” he added.

President Obama and Facebook CEO Mark had a talk on Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

GES 2016

Global Entrepreneurship Summit, which is an annual event and one of the best place for the gathering of Entrepreneurs. This year the Global Event held at Stanford in Silicon Valley. During these types of summits, ideas and the innovative thoughts get exchanged, and everyone can openly share their views and get the suggestions, help from others and mentors. This will unleash the power to change the world.

In this Summit more than 700 entrepreneurs and 300 investors from 170 countries and territories were brought up together. The president of the Stanford University, John Hennessy warmly welcomed President Obama.

President Obama joined with the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg along with other entrepreneurs across the world for the presentation held on Friday at GES in Silicon Valley in discussing how the technology can empower the small businesses and the entrepreneurs.

“Facebook at Work” enterprise version of Facebook now in India

“I can’t wear a t-shirt like Mark for another six months, but I will take off my jacket so I don’t look so formal,” Obama joked when he welcomed Mark on to the stage at GES 2016.

Mark Responded with a smile “Soon!” and Obama replied “Soon. It’s going to happen soon.”

Along with Obama and Mark, there are three other entrepreneurs who joined the panel. Mai Medhat, who founded the Eventtus, Laboratoria co-founder Mariana Costa Checa and Habona founder Jean Bosco Nzeyimana. Followed by the discussion has initiated and the president has to ask the questions to these young entrepreneurs.

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Obama started with asking the entrepreneurs to introduce them and share the challenges they had faced during this path. These young entrepreneurs started sharing their successes and difficulties encountered, and these things on the list are long, and most of them had common. Preconceptions on what they can achieve, how could they overcome in getting the financial things to buy into their ideas.

Later Obama put the question to Mark, “How is Facebook thinking about its role in creating this platform for entrepreneurship around the world? I know that’s something that you’ve been thinking a lot about.”

Mark replied “Entrepreneurship is about creating change and not just companies, and the most effective innovators “care deeply about some mission and some change that they’re trying to create,”

Facebook has launched the developer program called “FBStart”, which helps the entrepreneurs to access the free social media tools. Facebook is providing the thousands of dollars’ worth free tools for getting started and growing the businesses.

Facebook Signs a deal on Facebook Live with Superstars and Media Companies

“During the survey conducted on the entrepreneurship workshop on the start-ups for the technical companies and the small businesses. We found that more than 50 million small business pages are on the Facebook and most of them use Facebook as the primary presence for communicating with the users and attracting the new customers” said by Mark.

Obama has mentioned that many of the reforms are still need to take place at home. For example, the gaps in the basic technology education, which leave many students unprepared for entering the workplace.

So Obama administration has initiated a program called “TechHire”. This offers the technical training to the people who are in the unjustifiable communities through the community colleges or in some cases through the companies.

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After this event at GES, Mark had a Live Q&A with President Obama on his personal Facebook Page.