Global Entrepreneurship Summit, which is an annual event and one of the best place for the gathering of Entrepreneurs. This year the Global Event held at Stanford in Silicon Valley. During these types of summits, ideas and the innovative thoughts get exchanged, and everyone can openly share their views and get the suggestions, help from others and mentors. This will unleash the power to change the world.

In this Summit more than 700 entrepreneurs and 300 investors from 170 countries and territories were brought up together. The president of the Stanford University, John Hennessy warmly welcomed President Obama.

President Obama joined with the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg along with other entrepreneurs across the world for the presentation held on Friday at GES in Silicon Valley in discussing how the technology can empower the small businesses and the entrepreneurs.

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“I can’t wear a t-shirt like Mark for another six months, but I will take off my jacket so I don’t look so formal,” Obama joked when he welcomed Mark on to the stage at GES 2016.

Mark Responded with a smile “Soon!” and Obama replied “Soon. It’s going to happen soon.”

Along with Obama and Mark, there are three other entrepreneurs who joined the panel. Mai Medhat, who founded the Eventtus, Laboratoria co-founder Mariana Costa Checa and Habona founder Jean Bosco Nzeyimana. Followed by the discussion has initiated and the president has to ask the questions to these young entrepreneurs.

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Obama started with asking the entrepreneurs to introduce them and share the challenges they had faced during this path. These young entrepreneurs started sharing their successes and difficulties encountered, and these things on the list are long, and most of them had common. Preconceptions on what they can achieve, how could they overcome in getting the financial things to buy into their ideas.

Later Obama put the question to Mark, “How is Facebook thinking about its role in creating this platform for entrepreneurship around the world? I know that’s something that you’ve been thinking a lot about.”

Mark replied “Entrepreneurship is about creating change and not just companies, and the most effective innovators “care deeply about some mission and some change that they’re trying to create,”

Facebook has launched the developer program called “FBStart”, which helps the entrepreneurs to access the free social media tools. Facebook is providing the thousands of dollars’ worth free tools for getting started and growing the businesses.

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“During the survey conducted on the entrepreneurship workshop on the start-ups for the technical companies and the small businesses. We found that more than 50 million small business pages are on the Facebook and most of them use Facebook as the primary presence for communicating with the users and attracting the new customers” said by Mark.

Obama has mentioned that many of the reforms are still need to take place at home. For example, the gaps in the basic technology education, which leave many students unprepared for entering the workplace.

So Obama administration has initiated a program called “TechHire”. This offers the technical training to the people who are in the unjustifiable communities through the community colleges or in some cases through the companies.

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After this event at GES, Mark had a Live Q&A with President Obama on his personal Facebook Page.


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