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You can Receive emails of up to 50MB Directly

The most popular free web-based e-mail service Gmail comes with the great news to the gmail users. The user can now open attachments in the incoming mail of up to 50MB in size. In past, Gmail is restricted to receive emails with the attachment more than 25MB.

Even Gmail is quite popular among millions of users across the globe, there are certain downsides to it such as receiving emails with attachments of not more than 25 megabytes. In the latest Gsuite blog post, it has reported that user’s can now allows attachments of up to 50MB in emails. The size limit of outgoing mails remains same at 25MB.

The sending size is not changed, however, like before you can use Google Drive to send larger attachments.

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Important note for the users, that one can receive mails with 50MB of attachments. If you try to receive two 50MB attachment in the same email, it may not work, just like how two 25MB attachment not worked earlier.

Users can free to use the Google Drive, if they want to send the attachments more than 25MB. This change is for the users who want to receive large attachments. However, this change is very helpful and makes things lot easier when you receive huge file attachments like Photoshop files, etc.,

This new functionality will be available to all the users within next couple of days, and you should soon receive the huge attachments up to 50MB.

Windows 10 Update killed Google, Gmail

Microsoft recently announced Windows 10 build 15019. This build have some platform related bugs which will impact the ability to play popular games on your PC. Users are complaining about the build for making impossible to access few Google services.

Dona Sarkar, head of the Windows Insider program said, “Some Windows Insiders may have had trouble connecting to certain Google sites due to an implementation of a new security model being rolled out to further enhance user security. The team is working on a resolution. In the meantime, users can access these sites from an InPrivate tab.”

She also added, the team is working to fix the problem and the fix will be implemented in the next build which is coming later this week.

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Google users facing issues while connecting to Google, Google Maps, Gmail or any other Google services, the users can switch to InPrivate tab or switch the brower to access the sites.

Users are experiencing other issues with Windows 10 build 15019. However, the Microsoft promised to fix these issues in next build. The Next build will expected to fix all the issues and be more stable.

New Things to Know About Gmail iOS App Latest Updates

Good news for Gmail users on iOS. Google has come up with a major update for Gmail users on iOS app which looks beautiful and faster. Google on Monday released a new and modified version of Gmail for iOS users with several new features including the ability to unsend an email.

After four years, Google has brought new updates and additional features for Gmail on iOS. The first update to the Gmail iOS app is the “Undo Send” option. Google says that it took four years to get a major update to its email app in iOS.

Apple iOS 10, TVOS 10 and Watchos 3 has Updated Features Lure The Users

As we know, Gmail is the widely used email service across the globe and the advanced features and updates will helpful for its users. Hello, Gmail users on iOS. Why are you still waiting? If you haven’t updated that Gmail app, then upgrade it immediately. A new version of Gmail app for iOS users is waiting for you.

What’s new in Gmail for iOS Users?

The key updates for version 5.0.3 are overhauled user Interface that makes it just look like the native Android version of the App. If we talk about Gmail for iOS version 5.0.3, the main demanded feature is evoking emails sent incorrectly.

Undo send Feature

Named as Undo Send, it is just like the web version of Gmail, allows you to prevent sending or come back immediately if you type the wrong statement.

The App has been further updated with faster search with instant results and spelling mistakes suggestions.

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Swipe to Archive or Delete Option

With this option, users can quickly clean up their Gmail inboxes. The swipe to delete feature is already present in the Mail app in IOS.

Google Calendar Update

Apart from Gmail app, Google has also concentrated on Google Calendar app for iOS users. Now the app has a viewing mode for month and week. You can view your weekly schedule in a natural landscape view mode.

For better search capabilities, the new Google Calendar for iOS comes with Spotlight search support. It has mainly designed for iPhone and Ipad , it allows you to search for an event, reminders, and goals in the easiest way.

Google Contacts Gets New Update With New Menu & Features

Google Contacts which is the contacts directory or the online address book from Google.It helps you to maintain your contacts in an organized manner and also Sync with the integrated features such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive and other Google products.

Users can edit the contact information and store them in their Google account.They can also fix the duplicate contacts with automatic suggestions and also enjoy some cool features with the G contacts.

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Apart from these existing features, some additional features are being deployed to the contacts app.The latest update brings significant power to the users.

Here are some key features from the Google Contacts. It comes with the dual tabs, and you can Favorite the contacts, and all has been changed to the number of options including the Hamburger menu style. Users can view contacts and their duplicates. Apart from these, they can filter the list by the labels and the accounts on their device.

Moreover, the new duplicate screen which will directly give you the option to change, discard or merge the replica contacts by staying on the same page. Earlier it was difficult to find the duplicate contacts and to delete them is a big task. With the new update for the Google contacts, finding and merging the contacts were made much easier.

Now Google Wallet supports Automatic Transfers From the Wallet

The users can update their Google Contacts mobile application from the Google Play store. You can visit the link to go directly to the play store. If any users find difficult to update their app, they can download the Google Contacts Apk file with the latest update and install that file on your smartphone.

Although this process is not advisable, mostly prefer to get the app or update from the Official Google Play store which will be safe and secure.

“Google Prompt” Makes Sign-in Process Simpler and Secure

Google is well known for its search engine also equally famous for its services and products namely Gmail, Google+, and Google Drive, etc. The search engine giant’s security system was good and with the introduction of two-factor authentication method five years ago made it even better.

Now the firm is making more changes to the login system to make it simple and easy for the users to sign into their accounts.

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Previously users have to enter a code manually from a third party app or via SMS. In order make this process short and crisp a new feature, introduced by the tech giant called as the” Google prompt.”

The new method lets you use your mobile phone for approving or denying the request to sign into any of your Google accounts using a computer.

Google says that the new option makes the sign-in process a lot simpler and less clumsy. The new feature will provide the same level of security but just simplifies the process by asking for a single tap on your mobile device.

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With the new option, users only need to give a simple tap on their phone to approve/reject the login requests. The new method is quite similar to the Twitter’s authentication process.
To set up Google prompt, one has to open their Google account page. Select the “Sign in & Security” link. Turn on 2-step verification located at the section for password and sign-in method. Then sign in with the necessary details.

Users would be redirected to the next screens where they have to receive and enter a verification code on their mobile phone from Google.

After selecting the two-step verification, click on the “add phone” option under the Google prompt. You can add your Android phone or iPhone or even both.

To get the Google Prompt Android users should have the latest version of Google Play Services, where as iPhone users need to install the Google Search app on their device.
Proceed with the next steps to add your phone. Once your mobile device is paired up with your Google account, then try logging into the account on your computer.

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After entering your details, users will receive a flash message to choose either Yes or No on your mobile phone for confirmation that you are trying to sign in.

Just tap on the Yes prompt, and you would be in. From then on, you just required to enter your password and then tap on Yes anytime you need to sign into your Google account.

Google said that the new feature will be available within the next three days.

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