Microsoft has conducted the experiment on the four different browsers for finding out the best. Google Chrome is the popular and one of the best browser, but with the series of experiments done by the rival company Microsoft results how much of the battery life is eaten up using the chrome.

This experimentation is done on four identical surface books, which are unplugged and played the same video on all. The only difference is the browser that the video is played on. In this test, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Opera browsers are used for finding out the result. One streaming video is played on all these four surface books.

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The results from the experiment will astonish you. To our surprise Google Chrome is in the last. From the results battery life of the laptop which uses Chrome browser last for 4 Hours 19 Minutes.

Here are the results of the different browsers which undergo with the test.

  • Mozilla Firefox :    05:09:30
  • Microsoft Edge: 07:22:07
  • Google Chrome: 04:19:50
  • Opera :    06:18:33

All the results are respective to the battery life time after the video, and the results are shown in Hours: Minutes: Seconds.

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The laptop running with the Microsoft Edge browser is lasted till the end of the more than 7 hours which is 70% longer than the laptop which is running with the Chrome. 43% longer than the PC running with the Mozilla Firefox and 17% longer than the Opera browser.

With the surprise Microsoft Edge browser managed to stream the video for 7 hours 22 minutes on the surface book after unplugging the power, and this result is 70% more than the Google Chrome Browser.

After Google Chrome followed by Mozilla Firefox where the surface book got drained in 5 Hours and 9 minutes.

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We have to notice that Microsoft Edge doesn’t have the features or the extensions which the google chrome have and soon available in the Edge browser. These changes might get affected in the future update in the launch of the Anniversary update to the Windows 10. This update will be released in the summer as per the reports.


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