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The most popular free web-based e-mail service Gmail comes with the great news to the gmail users. The user can now open attachments in the incoming mail of up to 50MB in size. In past, Gmail is restricted to receive emails with the attachment more than 25MB.

Even Gmail is quite popular among millions of users across the globe, there are certain downsides to it such as receiving emails with attachments of not more than 25 megabytes. In the latest Gsuite blog post, it has reported that user’s can now allows attachments of up to 50MB in emails. The size limit of outgoing mails remains same at 25MB.

The sending size is not changed, however, like before you can use Google Drive to send larger attachments.

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Important note for the users, that one can receive mails with 50MB of attachments. If you try to receive two 50MB attachment in the same email, it may not work, just like how two 25MB attachment not worked earlier.

Users can free to use the Google Drive, if they want to send the attachments more than 25MB. This change is for the users who want to receive large attachments. However, this change is very helpful and makes things lot easier when you receive huge file attachments like Photoshop files, etc.,

This new functionality will be available to all the users within next couple of days, and you should soon receive the huge attachments up to 50MB.