Google for Work is Planning to Rename to 'Google Cloud'

Changes are on the way to ‘Google for Work’ branding on employer’s web apps like Inbox and Docs. According to the reports, its sounds superficial at present. As per sources, Google is changing its name to Google Cloud and the change will also include Android Devices and Chrome books in addition to web services.

Google hints the name change in its very own way ‘We have the best cloud platform, period.’ This would be made official at a Google’s Cloud event on 29th of this month. The functionality of the device is always a doubtful thing as the Google cloud users always suffer bug issue.

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With posing security breaches to customers and business man on the rise, CIOs are demanding more from their vendors for their systems and device security. As advance, security is a mainstay for every Chrome device despite types and price. Google is taking the next significant step in getting a greater security to the enterprise with verified access for Chrome OS devices.

To avail up to speed, Google for Work is a group of business-focused products aims for providing a full-fledged productivity package. It comprises of some of the most commonly used apps for productivity (inbox, Drive, Mail, etc.) maps, cloud services, and other business services. It also includes Android mobiles and Chromebooks which covers under the forementioned change.


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