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Furby Connect is back and reborn with World of Surprises

Hasbro’s New Furby is now reborn with the world of surprises, and this item will get released on July 12. The new Hasbro Furby is discovered with surprises together and is available to pre-order at Amazon exclusive launch.

The 90’s Hasbro’s toy Furby uses BT Smart technology feature to sync with selected compatible device for Furby phrases, music, and videos. Furby Connect expressive eyes, Motions, and Phrases that display so many animations and super expressive eyes helps to communicate what Furby want to say.

With more than 1000 phrases and fresh updates from the app and it has a lot to talk nearly. The Furby connect a friend with a sleep mask. Furby is bright eyed and bushy tailed for more fun. The super eyes express with more than 150 eye animations.

Furby Connect World App is ready to download at Amazon App Store, Google Play, Specific Tabs, iOS and Android devices. For more information check furby.com it is available in two different colors Teal and Pink.

Japanese’3D-Printing Soap Suds Pen’ Is Now Available For $42

The China origin based item is ready only in the selected countries outside U.S. it might retail for $99 and is intended for customers ages six years old and above.

List of Top Apps Released, Interestingly 90% of Google Play Revenue Comes From Games

Google Play, the Android market of Google receives 90% of its revenue through the games. Some of the interesting facts have also been revealed.  According to the data released from an analytics company Application, Annie the top grossing apps in the play store are from Japan.

It also stated that Facebook holds the top position concerning most downloaded apps whereas the WhatsApp is next to its parental company application. Facebook’s Messenger holds the third spot and Instagram sits at the fourth position among the list. Cheetah is the only non-Facebook owned application standing on the list of top 5.

According to the released stats, Japanese Firm Line occupies the top three spots with its applications Line, Line Play and Line Manga in the list of highest grosser and all of them are used by the high percent of the audience in Japan.


The most downloaded game of all the games was Subway Surfers followed by Candy Crush Saga in second place and third position occupied by Pou, Temple Run 2 and Hill Climb Racing took fourth & fifth places. Whereas My Talking Tom took sixth place and Despicable Me came in at seven. Moving down to the list Angry Birds stood at eighth place and ninth rank made by Fruit Ninja and Clash of Clans sits at the bottom of the list of ten.

When talking about highest revenue generated games Puzzle & Dragons taken the top spot and it is followed by Clash of Clans in the second place. Monster Strike, Candy Crush Saga & Game of War occupies the third, fourth and Fifth positions respectievely.The Fire Age came in at fifth, Everybody’s Marble stood at the sixth position while Disney Tsum Tsum takes the seventh spot. Further going to the bottom Summoners War takes eighth spot & Hay Day in ninth place. The World of Mystic Wiz stood last in the list of top ten.

Google Slides Q&A let the audience to raise questions in a unique way!

One of the interesting facts about the Statistics is that we can notice a minimal overlap between the top downloaded and top grosser games like Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga. It clearly shows the worldwide popularity of both games.

A clear impact made by Japan can be seen on the global revenue as four of the top 10 games are from Japanese publishers and their increased revenues largely by the Japanese. In spite of the Japanese domination countries like U.S, Finland and South Korea had their impact on both the top 10 list.

Microsoft’s free Word Flow keyboard app for iOS improves One-handed texting

Do you have an iPhone rather than Windows? If yes, here an Intro of Microsoft’s Word Flow Keyboard with “ARC” mode, a new feature Swype pioneered.

To use this one handed word flow keyboard, you need an iPhone, not a Window’s phone. The best part is that the keyboard makes users switch to one handed operation from the people type with two hands.

On Monday, 25/ 04/ 2016: Microsoft made its first debut in Apple Inc iOS App Store about Free Word Flow Keyboard app. Windows 8/ Windows 10 Phone users might be well known with the Word Flow. But for just iPhone, features set apart with customization.

The best part in Word Flow Keyboard is “predictive texting” which anticipates your next word for faster swiping. Undoubtedly, this best feature benefits for the users of iPhone 6 and six plus.

As of now it is available in English U.S, and available for both iPhone and iPad. iPhone users can update to Swiftkey keyboard for free, type your way with personal predictions and type faster with smarter auto correct.

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Soon after you have installed your Swiftkey keyboard app, just tap on the globe icon and get your word flow keyboard with one handed operation. You can also experience for curved keyboard or “arc” shaped keyboard where all the characters come aside either left sided or right sided i.e. a bend curve feels likely to use efficiently.

Not even WINDOWS users can’t do customization to their keyboard by applying background themes but Apple iPhone users can. Well, I’m not sure why anybody would care too. We should look further even if when the Microsoft SWYPE mode keyboard introduces to the Android and Windows users.

Both iPhone and Windows Phone users have predictive texting and gestures tying with which you can slide your finger across the character keys to spell out the words. Apple iPhone users have some other one handed operation keyboards like Blink and Minuum, but these keys don’t go for CURVED keyboard. However, Google released SWYPE keyboard earlier for its Android users.

Microsoft released previously “Hub Keyboard” and now to “Word Flow Keyboard.” Hub Keyboard, unfortunately, fails to be the best and currently have a 2-star rating in the available App store.

“Download available only at U.S iTunes app store”

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G.U.M play App makes brushing teeth is a fun game

G.U.M play

G.U.M Play 3 apps in one device: “Mouth Monster”, Mouth Band”, Mouth News”

Now, brushing teeth is fun with GUM PLAY. Japanese Sun star company brought in the concept of brushing up with “G.U.M PLAY.” Tooth brushing, the everyday habitual since our first teeth came in, develops now. G.U.M PLAY determined your brushing data and examines it with the brushing data of dental hygienist to make sure you are brushing efficiently. The typical three minutes of brushing will turn into a breath-taking of three minutes to discover. Sun Star endowments the new start of a new – brand tooth brushing experience at ¥5000 (w/o tax).

G.U.M play mouth logs

G.U.M Play is difficult to use isn’t it?

G.U.M Play is not difficult to use. To use G.U.M Play, directly join the device to your toothbrush, install the app on your smartphone, and brush your teeth as commonly. One joint family may share one instrument. When not in use, the tool also acts like a toothbrush stand. It contains a timing sensor and LED flashes at the time of connecting to the app. The transmission connects to the app via Bluetooth.

Here G.U.M PLAY recommends three apps: “Mouth Monster,” Mouth Band,” Mouth News.” Select an app to match your mood and needs of the day. To overthrow oral bacteria use Mouth Monster, to create Music use Mouth Band, to hear the news as you brush Mouth News in which all the three logs reaches to Mouth Check and Mouth Log. The usage data of all the three apps registered in the record provided. Download the apps in the Apple app store and Google Play Store.

Proportionate your tooth brushing, how?

Mouth Check relief you brush more deliberately and efficiently every day. It analyses your brushing data with that of oral hygienists to rate your precision. The essential key to top rating is brushing your teeth one by one. Aim high to reach a score of 100. It is also attainable to share data among family members. Use this action with any of the G.U.M PLAY apps.

Record history and determine brushing data, Mouth log is a report of data such as the manner and length of action of your tooth brushing. This record of your oral care can display by day, week, month, and year. The bar chart shows the duration of brushing, which you can tap on for more details. Scores and colors indicate the quality of brushing. You will receive high scores if you exhaustively and correctly brush all 16 areas of your mouth.

Mouth Monster will change any baby, young or old, into a great fan of brushing. Apply your toothbrush to overthrow monster characters based on actual oral bacteria. With Mouth Monster, tooth brushing evolves to fun as playing a game.

Mouth Band revolves your toothbrush into a musical instrument. Prefer a manner and a tool, and brush as common. Three minutes of music plays in accordance to your brushing style. It is also attainable to brush to your on beloved tunes!

Mouth News performs three minutes of minimal audio news while you brush. You can modify to personally expected news topics as you like, and save items to read during the commute.

The G.U.M PLAY elastic cover – up sold individually come in a total of five colors. Get it done your own G.U.M PLAY just the way you prefer. They are also beneficial when each and every family member no need to use separate devices. Maintain clean by disconnecting the cap from the device to wash or replace. The colors of G.U.M Play rubber cover are Pure White, Mint Green, Astro Grey, Bloom Pink, and Sky Blue. The G.U.M PLAY rubber cover is ¥500 each (w/o tax)


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