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Google Launches App Maker to Build Custom Enterprise Software

Google is launching a new tool which allows companies to build custom business apps to run on Google’s cloud platform. The app maker tool allows the people inside organizations to develop custom applications according to their business needs.

Google is now accepting applications from organizations for early access to the tool which pay for the G Suite Business service tier. The service allows users to drag and drop widgets around the user interface which complies with Google’s Material design principles. But they can further customize with scripts and CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Jquery content. It’s possible to monitor usage through Google Analytics once apps are live.

This App will be useful for less technically savvy people, which in real time people other than full-time developers. IT teams can spend less time dealing with requests with the help of thing sort of things.

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 “We’re targeting enterprise developers who need to build line-of-business solutions for an entire company but need there to be less (sophistication) than developers who might build Snapchat or external-facing applications,” says, Ajay Surie, App Maker product manager.

App Maker will be a tough competitor for the existing “low-code” application development services. This includes Salesforce’s App Cloud along with tools from Mendix, Appian, and OutSystems, among others. Maintaining the necessary infrastructure isn’t an issue for running the apps.

The Apps built with App Maker runs on the same data center infrastructure as Google Calendar, Gmail and Google Drive. App maker is different from cloud computing and storage infrastructure which allows people to pay through the Google Cloud Platform.

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Data generated in the Apps built with App Maker will be stored in Google Drive Tables, which essentially stores data in Google Drive.

Swasthya Samiksha Mobile App Launched to Track Women’s Health

A few days after launching Modi app, the government introduced the Swasthya Samiksha mobile application on Thursday. Through this application, the Members of Parliament can track the women’s maternal health related issues in their constituencies.

The Swasthya Samiksha app was collaboratively launched by White Ribbon Alliance, Centre for Catalysing Change & Swaniti Initiative and all not-for-profit organisations to help MP’s oversee the women’s reproductive health services.

Govt of Telangana and Microsoft Signed a MoU for exploring Cloud and Mobile based Solutions

Initially, the Swasthya Samiksha app will be provided in the states such as Bihar, Rajasthan, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh. Currently, the application is still in experimental phase which will provide district-wise data for the respective state.

“Swasthya Samiksha aims to engage and encourage the Members of Parliament to take significant steps to ensure better health for women in their constituencies. It is an attempt to provide data on health notices in an easy and convenient way,” Aparajita Gogoi, Executive Director of Centre for Catalysing Change and National Coordinator of White Ribbon Alliance India, said in a statement.

She also added that “In line with the government’s Digital India initiative, we are trying to leverage technology to make information accessible and to provide the MPs with a platform where they can access information and take action in improving women’s health.”

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According to the reports, the Swasthya Samiksha app will address the issue of quality of maternal health services and helps to generate demand for institutional deliveries. Through this app, Members of Parliament can track their respective constituency’s reproductive and maternal health-related data and the indicators.

This app also enables the comparison of districts in the state and subsequent improvement in the quality of care. It is an attempt to provide information on health indicators in a comfortable and more convenient way.

Google Keep New Update: App shortcuts and pinned messages

Google keep adds app shortcuts and pinned messages in an update. Now it is very easy to save important messages to the top off with a handy little pin icon. If you are the user of the pixel or Android 7.1, then you can jump into specific action through app shortcuts.

Google Drive Now Allows You to Search Like You Talk 

By clicking on the circular button, you will get several options. You have many options like new audio note, new photo note, the new list and the new note. You can touch and hold any one of the opinions and pin it straightly on the home screen.

It is used to capture what’s on your mind and get a reminder later at the right time or place. You can add notes, lists and photos, share your ideas with friends and family, color and add labels to code notes to quickly organize. It is like reminder which reminds your to-do list.

Google’s Official Wallpapers App Now Available On Google Play Store

Google keep latest version is taking advantage of this by introducing the ability to utilize them from the home screen app icon. By placing this app on the home screen, you can easily pin your notes. This is time saving and no need to go back to specific notes again and again. You can easily save your notes on the top of the screen.

You can download this latest update from Google play store or APK mirror

ReadMyLanguage App: You Can Transliterate the Script to Your Preferred Language

India is a place to a variety of languages. Each region in the country has their own regional language. For example, Tamil people they don’t know Telugu, and for Bengali people don’t know Gujarati. So many people understand the language, but they can’t read it.

But now you can read the script of your choice. A new app implemented as a solution for reading the texts in the preferred language. The readmylanguage.com app especially designed to overcome the reading problems among children.

The ‘Read My Language’ app can install on computers and smartphones. Through this app, a person can quickly read a Telugu (multiple languages) newspaper in English script. Read My App can also run in offline mode, and you can also learn language of your choice

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Currently this ‘Read My Language’ app is available in 12 languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Oriya, Gurmukhi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, and English. In this application, the newspapers, online e-books, E-Commerce sites, and government circulars will be translated into the regional languages.

The Chief Facilitator of readmylanguage.com app Rajiv Nag said “a major advantage of transliteration is that it helps in learning the language. He says many of the teachers in Madhya Pradesh schools where the app being used have come out with favourable reports on the improvement in English among the children.”

Steps to Install the Read My Language app

  • For those who want to install in Chrome browser and Firefox
  • Click on the desired links which given separately for Chrome browser and Firefox browser.
  • Allow the browsers to install the extension in the desktop or laptop.
  • You have to add the extension ‘ADD TO CHROME’ (for Chrome browsers) and click on install now option for Firefox Browser.

For Android users

  • For Android Smartphones or Android Tablet, you need to require the latest version, i.e., Android 2.3.3.
  • Click on install the app button from Google Play store.
  • Select Help button after installation completed.

For iOS users

  • For Apple iPhone or Apple iPad, you need to have iOS6 and above latest version.
  • Install the app from the App Store and after completing the install process click on the help button.

How the Read My Language App works

  • Once you installed the app, open your browser (Chrome or Firefox).
  • Click on the ReadMyLanguage App button which will be present on top of the right corner.
  • Now select the Source Language and the Target Language (which you want to translate the source script).
  • Open a new window and type the desired URL whose content you want to translate.
  • The transliterated version will be displayed on the screen once the site is loaded.
  • Now you can enjoy by reading the script of your known language.

The major advantage of transliteration is that it helps in learning the language. Currently, this app used in many schools in Madhya Pradesh, Guna, Chhattisgarh, and Bilaspur. As per the official’s statement, this app will be available in printer friendly mode soon by e-pub standards.

India’s First Sports Live Streaming App Sports Flashes out for Users

Newly launched Sports Flashes app claims to be the first live streaming app for India. This exclusive app live to stream all popular sports along with cricket.

Fencing Epee Junior World Cup from Bahrain, Seri Mutiara Championship Cup (Basketball) from Malaysia, Hockey 4th Women’s AHF Cup 2016 from Thailand, and ISU Junior Grand Prix - Dresden - Pairs Free Skate from Germany are some of the events which app is currently broadcasting live.

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The app enables users to read the news and features in just 70 words to be updated with the sports world. The videos in the app are available from all over across the world.

“Sports is almost a Billion Dollar Industry in India, and it seems like a slam dunk of an investment theme in last 2-3 years. Since last few years, India appears to be following the Western world in the business of sports which includes the development of indigenous sports,” says, Raman Raheja, founder, Sports Flashes.

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