Google Launches App Maker to Build Custom Enterprise Software

Google is launching a new tool which allows companies to build custom business apps to run on Google’s cloud platform. The app maker tool allows the people inside organizations to develop custom applications according to their business needs.

Google is now accepting applications from organizations for early access to the tool which pay for the G Suite Business service tier. The service allows users to drag and drop widgets around the user interface which complies with Google’s Material design principles. But they can further customize with scripts and CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Jquery content. It’s possible to monitor usage through Google Analytics once apps are live.

This App will be useful for less technically savvy people, which in real time people other than full-time developers. IT teams can spend less time dealing with requests with the help of thing sort of things.

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 “We’re targeting enterprise developers who need to build line-of-business solutions for an entire company but need there to be less (sophistication) than developers who might build Snapchat or external-facing applications,” says, Ajay Surie, App Maker product manager.

App Maker will be a tough competitor for the existing “low-code” application development services. This includes Salesforce’s App Cloud along with tools from Mendix, Appian, and OutSystems, among others. Maintaining the necessary infrastructure isn’t an issue for running the apps.

The Apps built with App Maker runs on the same data center infrastructure as Google Calendar, Gmail and Google Drive. App maker is different from cloud computing and storage infrastructure which allows people to pay through the Google Cloud Platform.

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Data generated in the Apps built with App Maker will be stored in Google Drive Tables, which essentially stores data in Google Drive.


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