Now a day’s people using Google search are increasing at a brisk pace. All they need is to get the relevant answers for their searches within less time and want them to be accurate.

Smartphone and Tablet users top the list of users who don’t want to waste their time on searching and finding irrelevant results. They want the results to be more precised and simple so that they can be understood by a single glance.

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The search engine Company is trying to deliver what the users are expecting. The First step of the development is where the plain search results are transformed to snippets. Now they, even more, are expanding their thoughts by rolling out RICH CARDS, a successor of snippets.

Google is providing a new way for website owners to stand out in search results. The Firm’s new formatting feature in Google search which enables website owners a better way to show a better preview of their content in the search results.

This new format allows site owners an opportunity to show Content from their websites in a modularized visually rather than the traditional view. It is made in a more appealing way by the integration of Images which is the major improvement.

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Rich cards can be termed as the basic presentation unit for Search results which can be represented either in a single element or a list of elements.

They give more structured and visual preview of things which improves the standard of the Search result with less tapping.

Google provided an example in their Blog post stating that “A recipe card shows the host site for that recipe, a picture of the recipe, a snippet of information about it, and a ‘star’ rating—all attributes that are most compelling to a user when searching for a particular recipe.”

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According to Google’s blog post “The New feature would be only available to the movie and recipe content websites which will be expanded to other websites in numerous categories. The mobile users conducting Google searches in English will see results in Rich card format.”


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