Have you ever struggled to recollect your password for the infrequently used website or websites you regularly navigate? With the Google Password Manager, you can able to retrieve the passwords without difficulty. Google Chrome has the default built-in password manager in the browser, which prompts you to save the passwords for the sites you visit. You have to enable the smart lock for the passwords so that the pop-up will be triggered when you hit the login with the user details and credentials. The passwords which are stored by the user are sync with the user Google account. Consequently, you can access all those passwords across all the devices with the same account.

Google Chrome is available for both desktop and mobile application (Android, IOS and Windows). When you sign-in with the Google account, then you can access the passwords in those respective devices. Google Chrome lets you access these passwords from the different browsers like Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc., all you have to do is to navigate to passwords.google.com. You can view all the saved passwords for the particular website details.

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When you visit the Google Passwords website, you have to log in for accessing the list of details. Once the user logins, the details are shown with the hidden passwords. The passwords are hidden with the asterisks, to view the password you have to click on the view symbol assigned with the eye icon. You cannot edit your saved passwords, but you can delete your passwords anytime. In this Google Password Manager website, you can enable the Auto-sync option so that the saved passwords in the browser will effect in the website.

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Precautions to take for saving you Google Account

The Google users have to enable the 2-step verification for saving their account from getting exposed to their details. If someone can manage to access the Gmail account with your password, then he can able to visit the Google Password account and chance to obtain all the passwords.  You can overcome on this in two ways. You should not save your passwords in the chrome and the another thing is to go to this given link from the chrome browser  “chrome://settings/syncSetup” then select the option available in the Encryption options. “Encrypt all synced data with your sync passphrase” enter the passphrase to save the applied settings.

After using these settings, it takes 2-3 minutes for the synchronisation and the information is no longer available on the Google password manager website. If you want to change the settings to default, just click the reset in the settings.


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