one billion viewers youtube

The Google-owned YouTube has reported that the users are watching about one billion hours of videos every single day. It is easy to track YouTube’s most popular videos and rather than this, it is harder to know how much tie that the viewers watched the videos.

YouTube has grown into one of the most popular sites on the internet than compared to other video sharing websites both in terms of video and audio. According to the latest reports, over one billion hours of YouTube videos are watched around the globe every single day.

YouTube to stop placing Unskippable 30 secs ads from next year

The company has posted on its official website that watching the billion hours would take over to the 100,000 years. They have mentioned about the YouTube videos watching count on their blog on Monday. They announced that they are focusing more on the length of time people spent on watching videos than the overall views got for the video.

The report of billion hours figure shows the company’s continuous growth even the new platforms come online. As per the reports, most of the views come from mobiles. With an increasing number of views from the mobile gives the total number of auto-captioned videos.

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It became the most dominant video platform, and now YouTube starts to roll out the mobile live streaming feature. Whether it is a movie trailer, a music video, cooking shows or other gaming channels they can make the live stream through mobiles. YouTube is making changes to the website which includes removal of unskippable 30sec commercial videos from next year.


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